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Divine Me Time Anjali MudraYoga is so much more than a weekly class at a studio. Yoga can be both compass and pathway to a more profound way of life, as unique as your fingerprint. Explore this enduring lifestyle and discover its secrets to help you realize potentials, live in balance and authenticity, and reconnect to your True Nature.

Right where you are, you are standing on Holy Ground. Claim your Divine Me Time and step into the Light of Pure Awareness. Let it care for your body and enlighten your mind. In that light, we remember and reconnect to the love we are to bring  about the healing we seek.

Learn more about what’s on offer…

Restorative & Healing Yoga

Mirror Meditation

E-motion Alchemy & Spaceholding

Transformational Voicework

Colorful Meditative Artworks


At Your Service

Beth (aka Dielle) is a Psychospiritual Alchemist, certified yoga teacher, mirror meditation and transformational voicework facilitator, and E-Motion Alchemy Guide credentialed in Therapeutic (Restorative) Yoga and an energy healer specializing in helping clients cultivate:

*embodiment (being comfortable in your own skin) via gentle movement and restorative yoga

*safe emotional recognition and release through creative expression and nonjudgmental sacred space-keeping

*more constructive and kind thought processes through inquiry and meditation

*grounded tranquility, deep healing, and aligned connection to The Great Mystery

Join me on this wonderful, mysterious, sometimes gritty and challenging but always fascinating journey and discover the resilience of your bright, eternal self.

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