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Level Up Your Selfcare!

Level-up and make Selfcare your way of life. I’m Beth, your Selfcare Coach, helping you source the wisdom and power within and map out and stick to meaningful “capital S” Selfcare choices.

Together, we determine what feeds your soul, what’s missing from your life and why, and how to reconnect and align through restorative, healing movement and stillness practices (a different kind of yoga), meditation, creative expression, energy healing and support to safely explore your beliefs, values, and direction.

As your coach, I can support you in discovering:

  • a healthy embodiment (being comfortable in your own skin)

  • safe emotional recognition and release through creative expression

  • nonjudgmental sacred space-keeping

  • grounded tranquility, deep healing, and alignment with your authentic self

  • your own inner guidance system

  • spiritual awakening and connection

YOU are standing on Holy Ground and you are the dispenser of Grace! So if you are ready to develop a wisdom-based resilience to life’s stress, and balance and harmonize your physical being, emotional body, and mind with your spirit, find out more or contact me today!


Yoga Selfcare


Restorative & Healing Yoga

Guided Meditations

Mirror Meditation

E-motion Alchemy

Transformational Voicework

Meditative Artworks

Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration



Yoga is the earnest effort to know one’s self. ~Nisargadatta


Meditation is the science of self-realization. ~Yogananda