Original Kaleidoscopic Mandalas (Mixed Media Digital)

I adore color!!! If you know about my work with the voice or have read The Unknown Mother, you know why. A life drenched in color represents our full creative potential and the ability to work with the full spectrum of frequencies. Mandalas, a word meaning ‘circles’, are not just pretty pictures. They are meditative portals that open our consciousness to higher states of being. They represent the Universal Whole point and wave, and ultimately, that one-point to which everything returns.
Most images are available for license and custom designs are available through Fiverr (alchemist4you).

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Gems Series

Avadhuta Gita Series

Deconstructed Mandalas

Light Language I

Brights Feat. Kathleen Karlsen

Angels Heal My Heart Meditation

Tarbes Series

In the Temples

Kanshoji Series

New From Old

Order From Chaos

Mostly Black & White

Garden Inspired

Early 2022

Original Abstract/Expressionist Oil & Mixed Media Paintings

As an abstractionist working in oils, in love with the quest to express the inexpressible, I aspire to create art that uplifts and reconnects us with our deeply mysterious origins.

Art from 2017

Art from 2016

Oils on Glass Photography 2016 & 2017 – Inquire for Prints

Art from 2015

Art from 2014