“Some Teachers Are Full of It”

While I was guiding an online meditation the other day in “just sitting”, a non-doing practice of being, towards the end, someone wrote in the comments, “Some teachers are full of it.” I wasn’t sure how to interpret this. Was it a symbol of appreciation for a simplified practice or meant to be a direct insult? It was difficult to tell, but my initial response, though, was probably surprising to the commenter: “We’re all full of it!”

If we weren’t, we wouldn’t need spiritual practices like meditation.” Since it was a mere ‘chat’ comment, though, I wasn’t able to follow up or clarify with the commenter. I didn’t take it personally, but I did spend some time with it to see what it might have to offer me.


Sure, I could have taken it as an insult…that this person thought I was full of it. They may have gotten nothing out of the practice or even been triggered by it or something I said. While that would be a bummer to know this was the intention, I’ve learned to immunize myself from the negative opinions of others.

The only way I could have been insulted is if I resonated with the comment on some level of charge, but I didn’t. I know that for every one who is not served by something someone does or says, there are usually a handful who do, and they are the only ones who matter, for whom the message was meant. Sometimes, what I say doesn’t even make sense to me and yet people keep coming back!


I could also have taken it as a compliment. “Yes, many other teachers are full of it, but I have integrity!” Now that would indeed have made me ‘full of it’.  The spiritual path is a long one. It lasts lifetimes. I don’t claim to be enlightened as a person. I just express what I express and know my true nature, beyond the person. Being a teacher is a role we all play to others at some time or other. Sure some are more adept but when it comes down to it, it’s far more about the receiver of the message and whether or not they construe meaning or essence from what is shared.

One thing’s for sure… If I thought a teacher was full of it, I wouldn’t be wasting my time at their meditations nor wasting my energy telling them what I thought.

We’re All Full of It

The truth is, yes, we are all full of it. The question perhaps is, what are we full of? Are we full of ourselves? Are we full of concepts and ideas and thoughts of being right? Are we full of ego? Well, yes. We are!

Are we full of Divine Light? Are we full of Love? Are we full of wisdom and capable of sharing a Holy message through this body/mind we inhabit. Well, yes we are!

We are all full of it. Can we love that about ourselves and each other? As spiritual teacher Ram Das is known to have said, “We’re all just walking each other home”.