Allow me to get on my high horse for a moment, because I’m appalled with so many Youtube  yogis.

With everyone having a Youtube channel these days, the more exposure there is to absolute baloney. The field of yoga is no exception. I am appalled by some of those thumbnails with pretzel-like yogis promising anyone can do the splits in a week, or extreme backbend with some trick, or sit in full lotus with a little-known secret. No, no, and no.

Here’s the truth.

Not every body is designed for that. And forcing your body to do what it isn’t designed for is asking for injury, if not immediately, then in a few years. It is nothing short of abysmal that so many are willing to mislead others for their moment of youtube fame.

A yogi, a genuine yogi, is never ever concerned with how things look, and a good teacher won’t tell you it is. It is all about how things feel. Period. Don’t give an ounce of your attention (or money) to anyone who claims otherwise. They don’t deserve it. They are not teachers. They are entertainers who couldn’t give a rat’s tail about you and your practice.

Some Genuine Teachers

There are, however, some truly awesome Youtube teachers out there and I’m happy to recommend a few of my favorite channels to you. They are channels I myself have practiced with over the years.

Akhanda Yoga

Theresa Murphy

Penny Jane Fuller

Megan MacCarthy

Yoga with Olga

Mark J Aquaviva

And of course, there is my own channel, where you can find gentle, somatic, and restorative practices along with guided meditations and other inspirations for your practice.