The Mirror Meditation Project

Mirror Meditation Training There’s a project I’ve been working on for many years now and the time has come to offer a training program for those interested in learning Mirror Meditation. This will be the first and only training of its kind with an intent rooted in our ultimate self-liberation. In other words, this isn’t […]

In God We Trust

I’ve been struggling with something for sometime, and it has presented over the years as a schizophrenic rate sheet. I’ve oscillated between free offerings, hourly rates, sliding scales, donation-based offerings, numerous payment platforms, Memberships, private rates, group rates, gift certificates rates, etc., etc. I’ve tried to be everywhere at once…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon, etc. […]

Insights from Dorje Drolo – A Practice for Our Times

Earlier this year, during one of endless lockdowns, when the world seemed to be full of nothing but fear and confusion, I was guided to embark upon a 40-day Bon practice with the “subverter of demons” known as Dorje Drolo, a wrathful manifestation of Padmasambhava, the fully awakened, precious master and patriarch of Tibetan Buddhism. […]

Yoga Teacher Responsibility: Cultivating Sovereignty

There was a powerful and somewhat heated discussion recently on one of the yoga forums about the responsibility of yoga teachers to their students in terms of politics, cults, media narratives and social issues. What is a yoga teacher’s ethical role when it comes to helping our students make meaning in today’s confusing world and […]

Tibetan Triple Goddess Healing Practice

What is the Triple Goddess? The Triple Goddess is commonly known as a Pagan concept signified by the Maiden, Mother and Crone archetypes. However, here I am speaking of a different tradition, that of the ancient shamanistic tradition of Tibet that predates (but eventually incorporated) Buddhism by tens of thousands of years, the Bon. The […]

Why Divine Metime?

Why Divine Metime? Names are important. They carry energy and set a direction. They solidify intent. I wanted to take a moment to address the name of this website. Let’s define ‘me-time’. First, Me-time is defined by the Online Slang Dictionary as “time to one’s self to relax, recover, think, etc.” While connotations can run […]

Open Source Energy Healing Works!

What is Open Source Energy Healing (OSEH)? From the Open Source Energy Healing perspective, healing is simply caring and witnessing. As conduits for healing, we care deeply about ourselves and others and we make use of our awareness and intention to respectfully apply that care. It is about the “re-membering” of ourselves back to an […]

Consecrated: Beyond Religion

I’ve written about the power in a name on numerous occasions and in my book, The Unknown Mother. On this website, I offer guided meditation mp3’s that utilize that same power to enhance meditative experience. So understand, I don’t take  names lightly. I see them as a vibratory force that impacts us on deep energetic […]

Some Basic Yoga Terms

Some Basic Yoga Terms If you are new to yoga, you might not be familiar with some of the commonly used words that describe practice. Here are a few important concepts to help make your practice more meaningful: Asana When most people think of yoga, they think of the poses. Asana is the practice of […]

Why I Left the Yoga Alliance

After completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I did what any new professional would do. I headed over to one of several organizations that sets standards for and certifies yoga teachers. For some perfectly legit — and some ridiculous reasons — this world is obsessed with little pieces of paper that often prove very little. […]

Meme Busting – The Problem With What We Think We Know

This morning, while purusing one of my favorite Facebook groups, I encountered one of those very political posts that sparks heated debate. It was started by one of the members concerning the Gilet Jaunes in France which just today is in its fifth week. The group in question is one which serves the English-speaking population […]

It’s Not the Path But The Way You Walk It

I peruse a lot of social media groups that cater to what I guess I’d call “a spiritual mindset.” I’m often shocked to see the kind of ideas out there that one would think “being spiritual” would lead us away from. On closer inspection, one begins to see that the beliefs we had when we […]

Yoga Beyond the Fluff: The Power of Prayer Hands

Sometimes, the most simple things in yoga never get explained or are explained incompletely by those who poorly understand them. A familiar mudra or hand pose you’ve probably done a hundred times (especially if you grew up in a religious household) in yoga classes is “prayer pose”, or anjali mudra (prana mudra in kundalini yoga). […]

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