I’ve written about the power in a name on numerous occasions and in my book, The Unknown Mother. On this website, I offer guided meditation mp3’s that utilize that same power to enhance meditative experience. So understand, I don’t take  names lightly. I see them as a vibratory force that impacts us on deep energetic levels, and there is science that supports that.

I’ve often shared the story, when people say, “Dielle is such an unusual name. Where does it come from?” of how in 2003, I had a near-death experience and underwent major life transformations that included a name change. It’s a long story I won’t repeat here, but I’ve used the name Dielle ever since; that name carried me through nearly 20 years of my life.

It is now Fall of 2021. The world has undergone so many significant and unprecedented changes and this being has changed along with them. Thus, I have decided to return to my birthname, Beth.

It’s kind of ironic. Beth has never liked the name. She finds it boring and terribly plain. But just like ‘Dielle’ became a beacon and a means to align with its meaning, “Drinking the Light”, now ‘Beth’ is the beacon by virtue of its meaning: consecrated to God.

(She writes in 3rd person for a very particular reason. It is a tool to create space between the Godself and egoic, or personal self. And yes, it can be a little confusing, at first. It is also incredibly liberating.)

Humanity is in the very early stages of major crisis. And if that seems unfair given the extent of the crises we’re already facing, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. Life as we’ve always known it is gone…well and truly gone. Only the ghosts and zombies of it remain. The corruption is so widespread and so deep. We, as a species, are in a fundamental transformation, a spiritual battle. Will we align with our Godself or will we succumb to the illusory world and insanity? This is, mythologically speaking, a very old story: Christ vs. Evil, Buddha vs. Temptation, Hero vs. Villain. And I see this as a time to choose. We either choose God or default to the psychosis and devolution of our species. I do not speak of the God of religion. This God is so much greater and so much more profound. This is the Universal God.

This is going to be a very difficult time for anyone that out of hand takes issues with the word ‘God’ itself. They had better redefine it for themselves and make it accessible again. We cannot continue on without God. We will destroy ourselves and our home if we cannot redeem the notion from the grips of ancient misinterpretations and misuse. If we cannot free the concept from scriptures and religions, if we cannot reclaim it and be in relationship with it, we are lost. We do not need to exclude these things necessarily, but we need to rise above them beyond conception.

I guess my parents knew what they were doing when they named this one Beth. She is a child of God. She is holy. She belongs to God. Nothing can break this. Nothing. God gives her her experiences, her thoughts, her feelings, even her desires. They come from that One Source. But Beth is human. She has preferences and aversions. Her knowledge is limited and she is subject to the limitations of her body. She is also subject to the illusory nature of emotions, thoughts, and confusions.  She is fallible. And yet, I love her. She belongs to me. And whatever happens to her, I remain.

And I belong to God. When I use the word “I”, it is I absolute. It is I, the Godself, not the person. It is the unchangeable, uncontaminated eternal “I” that was neither born nor able to die. It is the “I” beyond mental concepts, ideas, beliefs and desires. It is the “I” beyond states of feeling. It is the imperturbable, pure being. And when Beth opens to and sits in that “I”, she dissolves into spaciousness and unites with Source.

Beth is aware that it will take time for people to get used to this change, but she’ll respond to either name as necessary. And of course, there are aspects that might take years to catch up…like her domain name.

So what about Dielle? Whoever she was, she served her purpose. I thankfully and lovingly lay her to rest.