D.I.S. (Deep Important Shit)

Welcome to D.I.S. This is a series of talks on a variety of deep important subjects, or at least, they feel deep and important at the time. The irreverant title is a nod to the fact that we all have opinions and words are just pointers to Truth. Opinions have a habit of changing, but the Truth pretty much remains.

Episode #11 – Top Reasons We Resist Truth

Episode #10 – Environment & Conditions

Episode #9 – ??? Did I skip? Woops!

Episode #8 – Acknowledging Fear

Episode #7 – The “D” Word

Episode #6 – God-Concept Inquiry Follow-Up

Episode #5 – Recovering Faith

Episode #4 – Inquiry Into Our Ideas of “God”

Episode #3 – What Arises First? Thoughts or Emotions?

Episode #3 – Don’t Waste This Opportunity

Episode #1 – Making Sense of “We Are All Connected”.

The Original Series on Soundcloud

Episode 1 – Gut Instinct
Episode 2 – Gut Instinct Follow Up
Episode 3 – Emotions
Episode 4 – Emotions Follow Up
Episode 5 – The Immoral Minority
Episode 6 – Dropping the Bomb
Episode 7 – Wild Wild Egos

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