I often describe myself as more of an energy worker than a healer. For one thing, I’m not really doing the healing; Spirit is. I simply make myself available to whatever purity of healing frequency wants to come through. My practice is more about getting out of my own way than anything. I don’t even have to understand what I’m doing or why. I sometimes get asked, “Why are you moving your hands like that? What does that do?” and I’m like, “Uh…I have no idea!” Or I’m asked, “What did you see?” after working with someone, and again, I’m like, “Uh…not much.”

I used to see stuff. I used to see power animals, other-wordly beings, and receive flashes of insight into a person’s distress. I’ve let all that go. I don’t have to know (and frankly don’t want to!). I just have to do. For some reason, following this directive is very easy when it comes to healing work and not very easy when it comes to my personal life, but that’s another story.

There is, however, a power of intention within me as well. And it is this power that calls me to create blueprints for new structures for a world that doesn’t exist yet. It may sound crazy. I don’t really care. Somehow, I know what I’m doing.

The Need is Ever Greater

I was just researching funding sites, and as I perused all the pleas for help from desperate people, I was completely overwhelmed with all the need. “Help me with funeral costs”, “help me with medical bills”, “help me start over”, “help me, help me, help me!” I am reminded of that Bible story of Jesus being drained by all the throngs of people in need of healing. Several things struck me:

1) How easy it would be for a “supposed” proclaimed philanthropist to erase these requests in one sweep instead of continually destroying our food supply or experimenting on third-world resource-rich populations with toxins.

2) How very desperate things are getting for more and more people.

3) How blessed I feel (and silly) to realize how blessed I actually am.

4) Why is there not a funding platform to which one could make ONE donation and then choose how it gets divided among various causes? It would eliminate the overwhelm feeling (I can’t be the only one who feels that), allow even unpopular requests to finally have a measly buck in their campaign (“someone sees me!”), and be overall so much simpler for the donor. (I am an idea person but this idea is not my calling. Somebody out there go do it!!)

5) I’m not sure this problem of need can be solved in a world of greed. Seems a new mode of energy work is necessary.

And that’s what this post is all about. For I see that new mode of energy work unfolding having come to me at the beginning of the year, and it is very exciting to me and nothing I would ever have thought I’d be doing. 

I’ve learned some very valuable lessons in my lifetime. One is that we are more powerful when we cooperate and dream together. That is what led me to create an Energy Healing Cooperative. Now, such a cooperative isn’t necessary a new idea. Reiki circles, for example, have been around for ages. But what we’re doing though this cooperative is creating a transmaterial architecture to meet the needs of the many. (And to give credit where it is due, it was my former mentor, Dr. Gene Nathan, who gave me the idea of working in this way through his own vision of “The Wishing Well”.)

The Energy Healing Cooperative works uniquely in several ways.

An All-Accomplishing Healing Ocean
All energy is transmitted to a collective morphic field. There the frequencies from each healer and whatever modalities they happen to practice coalesce becoming more intelligent. In this way, healing can be delivered where it is most needed. There is no need to focus healing toward one individual. The healer is free to simply generate healing. The Ocean delivers the goods.

The Highest Good & Dedication 
Before each session, all negative influences are neutralized. After each session, we dedicate the energy toward the victorious realization of the divine, spiritual and supramental Truth in all hearts and minds. In this way, the field that we create is completely protected from destructive and depleting forces.

All donations go into the pool.
Participants are free to make donations to support my facilitation and the work at hand. However, my intent is to share this energetic gift and for these donations to enter the All Accomplishing Ocean to establish a transmaterial bank from which anyone may draw energetic funds whenever needed. No loan applications or approvals necessary! A free storehouse of abundance and prosperity for all.

All “hearts” or “likes” go into the pool.
Likewise, whenever anyone shares a “heart” (as on Insight Timer) or a “like” (as on Youtube), these too are intended as gifts to the collective so each may feel the blessing of appreciation, kindness, acceptance and love.

Symbols of intent also go into the pool.
In addition to sending healing energies such as Reiki, one may also wish to send symbols into the All-Accomplishing Ocean such as the Four Immeasurables: Love, Joy, Equanimity, & Compassion or any other word symbolizing qualities that are of the highest vibration and helpful to all. This is also a way for those who have not yet recognized or developed their healing abilities to participate as anyone can send Forgiveness, Sovereignty, Wisdom, Prosperity, Friendship or other symbol without any training, certification or special knowledge (which is also, of course, true of healing, but some have yet to have faith in that).

It gets stronger every single week. 
I’ve noticed something happening over the weeks and months since the Energy Healing Cooperative took shape. Every week it becomes stronger. It started out with us sending healing to a pool. It didn’t take long before I felt quite silly calling it that. It had clearly become an Ocean of Light and Love filled with all good things. It is deep and vast and often changes colors as it responds both to the energies going to it, the energy it needs to send out, and the intelligent alchemical processes of the cooperative effort.

It’s always open!
It also became clear to me after some time that we weren’t starting from scratch each week. Yes, each week we were generating and cultivating more and more energy into the field, but what we’d created had grown so strong that the energy was never depleting. So, one can visit the All-Accomplishing Ocean at any time, not just during sessions. It’s there, ready to serve, 24/7.

Love Bugs
Somewhere along the line, someone in the Insight Timer group nicknamed us “The Love Bugs” and it stuck.

Join us!

If you feel called to join us in this endeavor, you can do so on Insight Timer on Sundays at 2:15 CET or 8:15 AM EST. It’s FREE. You don’t have to practice a specific healing modality but all modalities are welcome. You can attend to give or receive or both. It’s a beautiful, sweet, loving safe space supported by like-minds and hearts all across the planet.

You can also join me on Youtube on Wednesdays at 2:30 CET or 8:30 EST for Live Energy Healing (day and time subject to change so be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell). Other healers may or may not be present for this, but again, you can attend to give, receive, or both. And the video each week is available for 24 hours. 

Getting the Word Out

I need your help in getting the word out. Please do share this information with anyone you feel would benefit or desire to be part of this venture. The more the absolute merrier! Together, we are building the structures for a Victorious New World.