Have You Noticed?

It’s funny. The path of healing is one rife with confusion and contradiction. Ask one “expert” and you get one kind of advice. Ask another and you get the completely opposite information. Eggs are good. No, eggs are bad. Salt is essential. No, salt is bad. Butter is awful. No, butter is better. This drug cures what ails you. That same drug gives people another disease worse than the first. It’s a maze, but perhaps slightly more akin to a landmine.

Even the field of psychology can cause this perplexity. On the one hand, we are told that suppressed emotions can and eventually do cause all kinds of disharmony and disease. We have to feel them. On the other hand, being with our emotions can become a habitual indulgence. Lingering in our grief for example can stunt our growth. And rehashing the same old traumas can reinforce them rather than free us from them.

What to do!

The problem here is an outwardly-facing loci, a belief that our knowing comes from the outside in. We rehearse an abdication of our inner authority from a very young age. This results in a state of disconnect from that inner knowing. What’s needed is a turning back inward to the inherent wisdom of self with which we are all born. It’s intuition and more. It’s access to our will and soul intelligence and connection to our own Divinity. We have no choice but to discern for ourselves the best path to be taken in all aspects of life, and not just in regards to our health.

It’s All Energy

We don’t often perceive the world as energy unless we are already inclined or graced to do so. Instead we see a rock as a non-living, solid mass and a tree as a thing with branches and leaves. But everything is, in fact, essentially energy. Because we misperceive the material world as actually material (rather than as Maya), we forget about the nature of things and their relationship one to another. We don’t perceive the rock or tree as an extension of that same life that created all. We don’t see ourselves as connected to every other living thing. How then can there be healing (wholeness)?

Chi Gong (Qi Gong) can help us re-establish an awareness of energy and its role in our health. Energy doesn’t like to stagnate. It creates disharmony. Chi Gong helps energy to flow as it is meant to do. It also helps us cultivate and function with increased energy. Literally anyone can practice it, and it only takes minutes a day. While it may not be enough, it is, in my opinion, an essential starting place.

We Are the Meaning Makers

The mind is nothing more than an interpreter of energy. While someone else’s interpretation of reality may be helpful or inspiring, let us not forget it is merely their own meaning-making. When it comes to the information flood, we can be content to keep only what helps us grow or improves our lives and let go of the rest; nothing else deserves our energy. That said, we must also exercise a certain vigilance in regard to the ways we both deceive ourselves and are cut off from our true instincts.

As far as all that conflicting health advice that exists, don’t let it discourage you. The conflicts and contradictions are an arrow pointing us back to ourselves and our intuitive sense of what’s right for us. Inherently, we know the work to be done. Often, however, we aren’t willing to put in the effort; taking a prescribed pill is somehow easier. Not everyone is serious in their wish to be well. As an energy worker, I can only help the ones who are.

As a final thought, I share this for your contemplation:

“Heal me of my sickness” pleaded one praying.
“Help me heal myself” prayed another.
This is an important distinction.
Those of the former persuasion rarely get better.
Only the latter make steady progress.
Healing requires effort and change.
If you want to be healed, a healer cannot help you.
If you want to heal, a healer is, at least in part, an answer to your prayer.