Welcome to the Sacred Geometry of the Mandala combined with the Avadhuta Gita!

The Avadhuta Gita (Song of the Free Soul or Hymn of the Holy Fool) is a thousands-of-years-old ancient wisdom script attributed to Dattatreya (teacher to Patanjali said to be the “father of yoga”) that speaks to the non-dual nature of reality. The story goes that it was spoken spontaneously during Dattatreya’s immersion in Bliss.

The Avadhuta is a mystic who has completely renounced worldly concerns breaking free from all rules of social conditioning, free from identification with both body and mind. An avadhuta therefore is pure consciousness in human form.

This is an advanced text for advanced students. However, one not need understand it in order to benefit from the energy it contains. Enjoy simply listening to this powerful poetry as you meditate upon the sacred geometry within kaleidoscopic mandalas that accompany all eight chapters.

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