Mirror Meditation Q&A

“Mirror Meditation? Sounds pretty self-absorbed.”
“Quite. If you sit long enough, all idea of self is completely absorbed.”

Do you have a question for the Mirror Spiritus Mirror Meditation Q&A page? I will be happy to answer questions.


I’ve read that all those faces I see during mirror meditation are of past lives. Is this true?

Does it really matter? When we get down to it, they are simply images and while a fascinating side-effect of mirror meditation, if one gets stuck in their importance, one loses the whole point which is getting beyond the self. Mirror meditation is NOT a party trick or game meant for entertainment. It is a means of self-realization, but only if respected and used as such. Please don’t cheapen it!

I got scared when some demonic-looking face appeared. Now I’m afraid to do the mirror meditation. Are you sure this is safe?

It is common for angry faces, the disfigured, and all kinds of gruesome as well as beautiful images to reveal in the mirror. Those who claim that there is a darkness associated with mirror meditation are merely feeling the presence of their own repressed shadow. I say “merely” but this alone can be deeply frightening. The mirror meditation is quite safe and harmless, but not everyone who practices it is. In other words, those prone to fearful thoughts and those that haven’t faced aspects of their fear-based constructs may find the practice more than they can handle at the present time. If this is true for you, find another means of meditation that works for you. If however you want to move past your fear, I would suggest working with me one-on-one.

Can mirror meditation help me develop psychic powers?

I’m sure it could, but I think you would probably do better to find other means to develop your psychic abilities if that is your main motivation for practicing.

My eyes get so tired. Am I doing something wrong?

Possibly. Do you have inadequate lighting? Are you too close to the mirror? Are you trying not to blink as taught in some methods of mirror meditation? This is not necessary. Relax the eyes, the jaw, all the muscles of the face. And feel free to close the eyes to rest when necessary.

I feel ridiculous and terribly self-conscious! How do I overcome such feelings?

Start where you are. If you feel ridiculous, use that. When you dialog with yourself, say, “I feel ridiculous.” The trick is to really stay connected with your own eyes. I can’t stress this enough. And stay connected with the sound of your own voice as well always going towards the most authentic expression you can. After some time, I suspect you’ll have an emotional release around this. Then you will be able to go deeper.

Can’t I just work on my own? What is the point of expensive sessions?

Of course you can work on your own! I encourage it, even for those who are also working with me directly. The benefits of investing in one-on-one sessions are many. For one thing,  you’ll have an impartial guide through each journey. As such, my role is to reflect back to you things that you may not be seeing/hearing/feeling…ambiguities in vocal tone, repressed emotions, blocks, and blind spots. I am able to steer you towards things that you may otherwise turn from out of habit or fear. I’m also present to offer you my years of experience in working with energy and the voice as a healing tool. In addition, you’ll have a witness. As you uncover aspects of yourself and reclaim them, as you release pent up emotions or delusions and embrace new insights,  it is comforting to have someone by your side holding sacred space with you.

When I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is disappointment in how I look. I’m judging myself. I just feel like I’m lying when I say, “I love you.”

Persevere, beloved. You are in the process of overcoming your conditioning. It doesn’t happen overnight. As I’ve said before, start where you are. You are already aware of your judgments and feelings, and that’s a very good start. Rather than forcing out any words, how about trying: “Right now, I am willing to see with eyes of love.”

Can mirror meditation be done with others?

This question can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Yes, you can practice mirror meditation with others meaning “at the same time”. But you can also use another person in place of a mirror. This is an advanced and deeply intimate experience that can be done with many of the mirror meditations offered on youtube and takes a great deal of practice for both parties. The “gazer” must learn to drop his or her masks and open to be seen and the “mirror” must remain impartial and openly observant, without reaction or expression. This tends to be the more difficult of the roles. We are taught to respond, and there is a great deal that is brought into awareness when begin to break down this conditioning. Of course, as you practice this, you will find the roles morphing and a dance begin between  seer and seen. It is another rabbit hole, just like mirror meditation with an actual mirror.

 I am way too freaked out to look at myself in a mirror. But I really want to do this! Help!

You are not alone. Mirrors bring a sense of dread to many people who have been conditioned to think there is something lacking in their appearance. I admire your willingness to work through it and assure you the rewards on the other side are worth it. I suggest you try using an online mirror such as OnlineMirror.com. Since you are not gazing directly into your own eyes (you can’t look directly into the camera lens and at your own image at the same time), it can be a “baby step” toward a more intimate mirror meditation.

This all seems a bit narcissistic…staring at yourself in a mirror and loving yourself. Isn’t this all just self-absorbtion?

There is indeed a fine line. If we merely use our reflection to confirm our sense of identity and to hide from what lies beneath it, then yes. If we remain merely fascinated with and attached to surface image…an image I might add, that changes from day to day and year to year…or with the phenomena that arise during mirror meditation, then we’re really missing out on what the mirror can actually reveal…the deep and eternal inner self. When we peel off the layers of mistaken identity, we get a sense of “the more” emanating out from behind our body, our mind, our emotions, our states, and our beliefs. Then we can’t help but feel the love of the mystery we see before us. This kind of love is far from the destructive, self-centered love of psychological narcissism; it is our true nature.

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