Mirror Altars

Humans may have always been fascinated with reflection. The earliest mirrors may very well have been surfaces of water in which our ancestors were able to glimpse their reflections. Later mirrors were made of highly polished metals such as copper. The Romans developed glass mirrors, but it was the Venetians who are credited for making the silver mirrors we’re used to seeing today.

There are many different types of mirrors that serve many different functions: decorative, medical, bathroom, laser, funhouse, automotive, etc. And while the mirrors used in mirror meditation are typically actual mirrors, they can also be people. From the perspective of oneness, others serve as a reflection of ourselves. However, these reflections are rarely clear. There are a few awakened beings (Mooji, Matt Khan, and don Miguel Ruiz comes to mind) who can in fact provide a clear reflection, but this is quite rare. In the Toltec tradition, there is the concept of the smoky mirror. Most of the reflections we encounter in life are of this variety, obscuring the true light of our beings because we identify with image and ego. We don’t know who we really are.

In Mirror Meditation, the mirror becomes a sacred object, a looking glass into the truth of being. Therefore, I suggest clients treat it as an altar. As Kirtan musician Sean Johnson says, “an altar is a mirror of the heart”. So mirror altars are an even further amplification of that reflection. Consecrating a special mirror, one that speaks to you, used only for meditation is ideal. This can be set up on or hung over an altar with candles, flowers, or other objects that are meaningful to you. If you need ideas, here’s a great article about altars, though not specifically mirror altars, from Yoga Journal.

The more special and reverent your attitude toward your mirror altars, the more deeply they will serve you. It is the hope at Mirror Spiritus to inspire every home to have a mirror altar…small, large, simple or ornate. There are many fun, unique and beautiful mirrors out there. We’ve cataloged over 600 of the most interesting on Pinterest.