Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Here are some guided meditations to help you with your current real life situations and meditation goals–easy for the beginner and still relevant for the more advanced practitioner.

If you have a special request for a meditation on a particular topic or for some challenge you are facing, please feel free to submit the request to me via Fiverr where I write, record, and master customized meditation scripts using the power of your name to help deepen your practice.

More Meaningful

When life gets challenging or it’s hard to unwind, I know what it is like to parse through general recorded guided meditations hoping you’ll find the one that fits your situation and helps you find your way back to center. It’s often a hit or miss, and sometimes time is wasted. Specific guided meditations are a more meaningful and pertinent way to practice.

Thank you, Dielle. This meditation is really deeply touching and very intuitively spot on for me personally. I started with no thoughts about where it might lead. My shoulders are really tight, so the beginning breathing exercise with lifting the shoulders to my ears could not have been more appropriate. The image of the river of tears flooded me with unexpected emotion as I began quite unexpectedly crying tears of grief.

Because I had the image of a river filling and gushing and swirling and rushing and ripping along in a torrent, I was quite surprised to find that it washed over me quickly and briskly, carrying a great deal of heaviness away from me quite rapidly. The water was soon still and sparkling like diamonds and reflecting the clouds.

When I go for my walks in the nature preserves, I listen to the birds and smell the sweet earth and greenery, and I see many butterflies that fill me with wonder and delight in their beauty and lightness of being. So your imagery here also resonated deeply. I could feel the sun on my shoulders, and by the time the meditation was coming to an end, I felt lighter and had an inner smile. So, thank you!

There are many meditations on my youtube channel or follow TranquilLiving on Insight Timer.