The Mirror Meditation Project

Announcing the Mirror Meditation Project on Substack

There’s a project I’ve been working on for many years now and the time has come to offer a training program for those interested in learning Mirror Meditation. This will be the first and only training of its kind with an intent rooted in our ultimate self-liberation. In other words, this isn’t about woo-woo mirror practices or superficial divination. This is about genuine self-transformation and realization.

Testing, Testing…

I will be testing Substack as a delivery system behind a paywall for those who would like to contribute to and become part of the project. Eventually, I may move the actual courses to a learning management platform. But for now, you can enjoy being included on the flowering of the Mirror Spiritus Mirror Meditation Project for a few bucks every month with perks I’ll describe in just a bit.

First, what exactly is Mirror Meditation?

It is just what it sounds like. It is a form of meditation that makes use of the mirror as a meditation aid to increase one’s concentration, open one’s perception, and deepen one’s meditative state. There are many different forms of meditation, of course, some which require a rigid stillness and some that use sound or even movement. Different styles suit different people. Mirror meditation may be the perfect meditation portal to overcome resistance and challenges to a regular meditation practice while strengthening one’s focus and dedication.


So, what are those perks I mentioned? Those who contribute to the project via Substack will be considered Groundfloor Patrons for life. Not only will you have access here to restricted content, learning as we go, you’ll also be enrolled in Level One Mirror Meditation for FREE when it rolls out! How cool is that? There may be additional suprise perks along the way and you’ll always have Groundfloor status to partake in them.

Not ready to contribute your cash? You can still follow the project, but your access to content will be restricted to an occasional public post.

Three Planned Levels of Training

The full program will include three levels of training based on the cultivation of the awareness needed to progress successfully along the path. Participants who complete each level will receive a certificate of completion. There may also be an additional module to certify those wanting to use Mirror Meditation in their professional field such as psychology, yoga, or healing arts. This will come later.

The first level of training, which will be released in part or in its entirety here on Substack will be described in another post for subscribers soon.

Cutting Edge

This program is cutting edge, though based in very ancient secret technologies. Numerous wisdom schools of different cultures considered mirror work some of the highest, most hidden practices. Mirror Spiritus extracts the wisdom seeds of these schools and sows them into your own personal experience so you can grow them into magnificent Trees of Your Life.

Subscribe Today

Ready to be a part of Mirror Spiritus Mirror Meditation Project? Subscribe today. There’s a monthly and yearly payment option, and even if you only ever subscribe for just one month, you’re still a Groundfloor Patron!

Thank you for helping to make this technology available at a time when it is most needed on the planet.

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