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“I love mirrors. They let one pass through the surface of things.” ~Claude Chabrol

Q & A about Mirror Meditation.

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The first and only training of its kind, this introduction to Mirror Meditation is about genuine self-transformation and realization. You’ll learn foundational theory and important concepts to developing a successful practice and have access to written and guided video meditations to acquaint and deepen your experience with this amazing path and prepare you for more advanced trainings

First, what exactly is Mirror Meditation?

It is just what it sounds like. It is a form of meditation that makes use of the mirror as a meditation aid to increase one’s concentration, open one’s perception, and deepen one’s meditative state. There are many different forms of meditation, of course, some which require a rigid stillness and some that use sound or even movement. Different styles suit different people. Mirror meditation may be the perfect meditation portal to overcome resistance and challenges to a regular meditation practice while strengthening one’s focus and dedication.

Cutting Edge

This program is cutting edge and draws from several wisdom schools of different cultures that considered mirror work some of the highest, most hidden practices. Mirror Spiritus extracts the wisdom seeds of these schools and sows them into your own personal experience so you can grow them into the magnificent Trees of Your Life. You can lay the foundations for your practice for free!


Completing Level 1 of Beginner’s Mirror Meditation is a key that unlocks Level 2 which will take you deeper into the gifts of the reflective glass. It features 9 powerful guided meditations in mp3 or video format and 6 independent practices to polish and perfect your skills plus live events and 1:1 support. Divine Me Time members receive Level 2 at half price!! This program “a la carte” is 199 EUR. Once Level 2 is complete, you’ll also be first in line to enroll in Level 3 training when it becomes available.


Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror. ~ Byron Katie

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