Open Source Energy Healing Works!

What is Open Source Energy Healing (OSEH)?

From the Open Source Energy Healing perspective, healing is simply caring and witnessing. As conduits for healing, we care deeply about ourselves and others and we make use of our awareness and intention to respectfully apply that care. It is about the “re-membering” of ourselves back to an integrated whole.

Open Source Energy Healing is about empowering the healer in everyone and making healing accessible to all…without expensive hierarchical trainings, without certifications, without fancy descriptors or secret societies, or tantalizing marketing schemes. It completely removes the fear of “not being good enough”, “doing it wrong”, and even “opening up to unknown energies”. It frees us of the need to scan, palpate, intrude, pull, fill, or move energy. All that is required is your open presence.

It is based on 1) the universality of healing energy as a birthright and 2) universal protocols and ethics. That’s it. The energy is the highest and the raw source of every other more distinctive energy. It is exactly what it says it is…open source healing energy.

All healing is essentially the release from fear.
~A Course in Miracles (2IV.1.7)

How do I know if Open Source Energy Healing is flowing through me and working?

We’re all channeling Open Source Energy Healing every moment we’re alive, and it’s always working…perfectly.

So if we’re always channeling it, what’s so special about OSEH?

Ah, good question! It is analagous to being born with hands (which, generally speaking, we all are) but never learning how to use them. Some people even go beyond simple opening and closing of the hands and learn how to become refined masters of instruments, surgeries, or arts. So, while we all channel OSEH, do we know how to intentionally access it and make the most of that access?

So, how does OSEH work?

To answer that, I want to talk about faith healing. OSEH is the source of faith healing.

If you’re scientifically minded and tend to poo-poo things that can’t be seen or measured (yet), all you have to do is turn to the science of placebos to understand. Scientifically speaking, a placebo is a seemingly real treatment that is actually missing what is believed to be the active ingredient administered without the knowledge of the patient yet having the same effect (or better) of the real treatment. This “placebo effect” is a well-recognized though not well-understood phenomena.

Faith is the power, an actual power, that makes placebos effective. It’s not a trick. It’s not an accident. And OSEH is deeply rooted to that power. Whereas if someone was told they were only taking a placebo tablet, those tablets would likely lose all benefit, OSEH is a direct stream of power, meaning you don’t have to believe it…although it certainly helps for various reasons, one of them being helping others to open up to and sense it too and another being that the more aware of it you are, the more powerful it becomes.

Does that mean it’s religious?

No. It is not. You can be a Catholic, a Muslim, or an Atheist or Pagan or anything else under the sun. OSEH exists far beyond the realm of such constructs.

Does that mean it’s made-up quackery?

Absolutely not. OSEH is ancient. It has many names…Chi, Prana, Life Force, Love. OSEH is the name given here to help with the mission of making energy healing accessible to more people at a time when the planet and its inhabitants are desperately in need of healing.

So, back to the original question. How do I know if it’s working?

It actually doesn’t matter! This energy is so pristine, so powerful, so intelligent, that the only thing it asks of you is to be a caring witness. That’s all you have to do. You can’t mess it up! Even if you have doubts while you are sharing this energy, even if you have a judgmental thought slip in or lose your focus for a moment, you can’t mess it up. You can complicate or decorate it with ritual or symbols or anything else you desire, but the energy remains untouched and pure. It is untaintable. It is the stream of pure intent. You don’t have to program it, control it, direct it or even “know what you’re doing.”

You are A CARING WITNESS. That’s it! Everything else is taken care of for you and through you.

It couldn’t be simpler.

But as we humans like to know we can “do” something to help shore up our faith, here is a beautiful practice that you can use whenever you feel like you need to clear your energy and align with the stream of intent of OSEH. It comes from the Tensegrity practices of Carlos Castenada and is shared here for educational purposes:

Open Source Energy Healing Works!
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