An ongoing personal exploration of Divine Guidance and distinguishing between the voice of fear and the voice of love reflecting on the article, How to Distinguish Between Divine Guidance and Fear/Ego/Imagination, on Sir Froggie’s PositiveNews Network .

Today’s pairing is:

Divine Guidance works with you and accepts you where you are.  It gives you step by step directions it knows you can handle from where you are comfortable, even if it makes you reach or stretch a little.
Ego knows your fears and weaknesses and tells you that you must overcome these in order to fulfill your purpose.  It tries to trick you into thinking you’re not good enough, or your not ready because what you want is out of reach. 

I think the beauty of this pairing is in the first line. Whether or not we are accepting of ourselves, Divine guidance comes from that which always accepts and understands where we are. That is grace. We can be experiencing the deepest negative hell, unable to receive the tiniest smattering of light, and it matters not to guidance. Our guidance is persistently attempting to penetrate us with light, perhaps even more so in those darkest times. It does not forsake us. There is no one so lost that they lose this grace.

This is counter to so much of our programming. Yes, we hear about the unconditional nature of Love and profess to believe it while at the same time we hold so many beliefs, even as spiritually aware beings, counter to this truth. Instead, we tell ourselves we deserve what we’ve brought on ourselves, that we must pay our karmic debt, that we are somehow flawed, thick, and forgettable. Or we look at other and think, “What chance does he have?” Rarely do we take the perspective that maybe we are in process of purification in which the stored poisons and misconceptions of the mind are simply coming up to be released, and that no matter how dark or painful, our angels hold our heads as we purge.

I resonate deeply with the last line as well. I recently went through a confusing time feeling like I had no idea what I wanted anymore. I felt utterly directionless. Somehow I realized I didn’t know what I wanted simply because I believed the ego’s story that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted (I was so very close to getting it!). The tricky ego made me stop wanting altogether and then blamed me, “You don’t even know what you want anymore!” This was robbing me of my ability to dream, shrinking my light and killing my creativity. I believe it was grace that helped me see through and past this trap The instant I realized what was happening, confusion evaporated. I knew exactly what I wanted again, and I took steps toward making it reality, once again feeling empowered by possibility and the energy of my own drive.