An ongoing personal exploration of Divine Guidance and distinguishing between the voice of fear and the voice of love reflecting on the article, How to Distinguish Between Divine Guidance and Fear/Ego/Imagination, on Sir Froggie’s PositiveNews Network .

Today’s pairing is:

Divine Guidance says, “Shine Your Light.  It’s the Light of God and you’re here to be Who YOU Are in God.”
Ego says, “Be careful.  What if they find out you’re a fraud?!”

I love what spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, has to say about being a fraud. He went through this when becoming a teacher, and his approach was to embrace it: “Yes, of course I’m a fraud!”

Who among us that steps up to offer our unique gifts to the world doesn’t go through this? I still do! With each book, each workshop, each concert, each session with clients, I hear the ego’s warning. The only way through it is to embrace it. Of course I’m a fraud! I’m pretending to be “Dielle”. I’m pretending to know something to help another remember that they already know. I’m wearing a mask of the expert in order to convey a message from Spirit that this group or person wouldn’t otherwise hear. They project who they think I am into their dream. I am a fraud in it because they don’t really see or know me. In some respects, it goes back to yesterday’s pairing.

Set aside for the moment that “Dielle” doesn’t ultimately exist. That fact is, I am an expert at being “Dielle”, so as long as I stick to that role with authenticity and integrity, that’s all that matters.  That’s me shining the light of “Dielle” imperfections, misperceptions and all.