Improv & Composition as Sound Therapy

Many sound therapists are skilled musicians and improvisationalists able to bring forth music that is created specifically for an individual, group of individuals, or a specific intent such as “world peace” or “DNA activation” either live, in CD form, or both. This sound therapy can then be used by an individual for meditation, movement, or relaxation. The personalized intent behind the music continues to work with all levels of the listener’s consciousness, bringing about the realization of that intent often first by clearing that which is preventing it and then by supporting its unfoldment..

The benefits of such music composed especially for healing can be accentuated through the use of specialized sound healing environments and tools. Sound tables, similar to massage tables, contain specifically placed audio equipment to deliver sounds directly to the body and are sometimes enhanced by sacred geometric design or highly resonant materials such as gemstones or copper. Sound chambers, specially designed rooms using light and sound, further heighten and intensify the delivery of sounds to the body while offering a multisensory escape far richer than any television program ever could.

In choosing which form of sound therapy to explore, remember that every practitioner, no matter the modality, is going to offer an experience that reflects his or her individual life experience. So choose someone with whom you resonate (pun intended) and ask to make sure they have and continue to explore their own healing. Sound therapy requires a great deal of positive intent, focus, and attention. Practitioners will be far more likely to access certain depths if they have plunged those depths themselves, providing you a much richer and powerful facilitation.

This concludes the introductory series of sound therapy articles!


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