The Art of Self Care Defined

What is Self Care?

In addition to blogging here, I also publish on a health and wellbeing platform. I might have to rethink that! The following article, The Art of Self-Care, was accepted but retitled with a word I would have never used and given an absurd photo of a woman putting on make-up. UG!!!

I take objection to the subtitle, 5 Rules You Need to Know, because A) it’s not a piece about rules—at all. Rather, I’m defining self-care. And B) if there were rules, I’d more likely be telling the reader to break them!

And as for the photo, I hardly consider putting on make-up to be an act of self-care…at least for myself. But I recognize for some, it may be less about ‘covering up perceived faults’ and more about emphasizing best features. I might not have chosen the photo myself, but I suppose I can live with it.

What Self Can Look Like

That said, I truly believe that if more people practiced self-care, we would live in an entirely different world.

This article is published in full on Sivana East. Continue reading it there while you imagine the submitted headline photo:

The Art of Self Care Defined
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