The Energies of 2017

Most people are familiar or have at least heard of Tarot cards. In fact, they’ve had a resurgence in popularity recently. But did you know there has been an explosion in types of divination card decks over the last several years? Now, there are angel cards, chakra oracles, Bach flower remedy cards, Zodiac decks, you name it!

I came upon the deck I now use, the Devas of Creation, last year. It resonated with me because the art was abstract (like my own artwork) and open to interpretation, plus it focused on two aspects of nature, both the manifest and unmanifest, which ties in very well to the teachings to which I’ve been exposed on my own path. It’s a fabulously original deck that covers the elements, angels, seasons, planets, and more!

I did a reading on the energies of 2017 for a few choice arenas of life. For me, it feels right on target, and I’ve since read a few other energy predictions (Lisa Brown’s among them) that seem to align with the same ideas. I hope it gives you something to think about.

The areas of life represented appear here followed by the cards that were pulled for each:

creativity – the quantum field
dharma/purpose – eros
relationships – air
health – world tree
finances – Venus
spirituality – harvest

Here is my interpretation of the spread:

We will meet our potentials to express creatively when we observe and learn from others. When creativity allows for the multidimensional to influence expression (most easily accessed through meditation or spiritual practice), we will find new realities are possible. Creativity is meant to reaffirm and extol our unity to Source. Therefore, creativity whose purpose is so aligned will flow with the most ease in 2017.

In terms of our dharma/purpose, we are meant in 2017 to be more outgoing…light bearers in whatever occupies our time. If we can harness a higher will within ourselves, overcoming our smallness and the fears that hold us back, we can not only manifest and become with more ease, but we will touch more lives as well. What is most important here is to be a representative of Ultimate Truth, to transcend the level of opinion, half-truths, propaganda, etc.

2017 is about liberation in relationships, meaning freeing ourselves of outdated and stagnant ideas about relating. Air can help clear up our thoughts and communications, making it easier to revive what still has life and release what no longer serves. Laughing and loving is the right motivation. Bring in freshness and ease.

In terms of healing, 2017 holds powerful energies from the plant world. Turn to natural and shamanic approaches to healing. It is crucial that we improve our support structures, our internal root system, in order to receive the fuel that will be required to overcome the challenges that approach. It’s all there, available in nature, but it requires our attention, respect, and reverence.

Our abundance in 2017 is governed by Venus, goddess of beauty, the arts, sensuality and relationship. She is asking us to reach out to love, to fully embody self-love and be willing to be love in the world. The antidote to financial challenges is to love more and have the courage to share that love with others.

The spiritual harvest will be evident on both an individual and collective human experience level. Those who have been practicing what we preach, walking our walk, will find a rich harvest of spiritual strength and tools at our disposal. To help correct and alleviate human suffering, we must increase our ecological awareness and make amends. Mindfulness is key as is appreciating the small daily joys that life has to offer: the sunlight, sharing a smile, a fresh breeze, all the colors of the world. These things and our ability to see and appreciate them IS part of the harvest. If we have lapsed or been hypocritical, we will be disposed to reap a very different reality.

In summary:

Here is my interpretation:2017 is about the possible differences between personal and collective reality. What will make our reality more pleasant is a wholehearted return to those things that never fail the human: nature, love, and divine connection. So, if you have a practice, cling to it. If you need a practice, find it. Spend more time with nature and let her inform you. Learn to listen to her (and yes, you are part of nature!), and whatever is keeping you from the full expression of love, it is time to forgive, accept, let go, and open.

The Energies of 2017
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