The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are the contemplative work of poet, philosopher, and mystic, Richard Rudd. A living and profound synthesis of ancient wisdoms, these are teachings to imbibe, contemplate and apply in your daily life.


The Gene Keys

The best definition I’ve ever seen of the Gene Keys comes from Richard himself in one of the more advanced texts known as The Pearl Sequence in which he writes:

The Gene Keys are a wizardly, magical, right brain teaching in a left brain suit. They are a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Once you have been afforded the vision of clarity through putting your contemplation into action in the world, you begin to realise how softly and subtly the teachings have guided you back to your true self.”

To put it another way, The Gene Keys are a guide to your life’s purpose and meaning. They represent a synthesis of some of the most powerful wisdom tools on the planet from the I Ching, to astrology to Human Design and, as a result, are exponentially more potent in their offering.

Using the Map

I use this map in my own life to help guide my decisions and to understand both my challenges and inherent strengths and resources. I also use it with clients to give them critical insights into their struggles and true purpose. The Gene Keys are life-affirming, highly individualized, and immensely insightful tool for self-inquiry. They are essential for any seeker wanting to understand the highest Truth of both Self and Other, and the relationship between both that leads back to One.

Get a Free Profile!

If you are intrigued, you can begin the journey on your own. Anyone can get a free profile at the Gene Keys site. Once you have your profile, you can begin your journey with Step 1 for free here. It is a lot of information, and it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. So you have access to several Facebook groups dedicated to Gene Key exploration as support. However, if you would like a more personalized orientation to the work, contact me and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

Check out the Gene Keys today. It is truly a divine resource!


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