The Seven Sacred Seals

The Seven Sacred Seals Are The Mystical Transmission of Grace

…a mystical wisdom that dovetails beautifully into the Gene Keys. Their primary purpose is to catalyse the awakening of the heart. This is an amazing program with many levels and dimensions. It is original, inspiring, profound and can be a great comfort to us as we deal with the many challenges that life brings. Appropriate for all levels.


“How then can we enter this other world beyond our senses? How can we bring about a state of illumination? These are questions that concern the teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals. These are teachings whose only goal is to bring about a deeper understanding of this other, hidden world, this world of the inner light. Therefore, when you begin to work with the Seven Sacred Seals, you are embarking on a different kind of journey. It is not a journey where logic prevails. It is not a journey that you can measure, unless you are measuring the amount of love you are capable of bearing. The journey into the Seven Sacred Seals is a journey beyond the frontiers where most people spend their lives. It is a passage into the world of Illumination, into the fabric of light that stitches both time and space together, and that will lead us one day into immensity, into that limitless world that we call the Divine.”


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