Meet Beth   MA, BSed, SCYT

Just like you, I am a unique perspective and expression of the One. My whole life, nothing has been more important to me that knowing who and what I truly am. That seeking took me down so many different roads…

…dancing, teaching, acting and singing, studying religions and wisdom teachings, studying shamanism, transformational voicework, authoring books, sound healing, oil painting, practicing and teaching yoga, meditating, creating, traveling…

Of course, the irony was that all that chasing led me right back to where I started. Right here. But I’ve learned a few things along the way.

I’ve learned to stay true to myself, to stop pushing the river, to place my trust in Life, to let this unique perspective have her life without trying to fix her, to stop abusing my body by forcing it to obey the mind’s commands, to stop worrying about why I don’t fit in, and to stop trying to please everyone but myself or to be understood by others. In other words, I’ve learned to live with the Mystery.

I’ve been blessed to have many excellent teachers to learn from throughout my life, but it would be hard to beat the mastery of my cat, Tigerlily. She’s taught me to be a better yogi through more efficient, integrated movements that honor and respect the body. She also teaches me everyday to spend time just being.

I believe that all humans need more time resting in the Divine, or the mystery of our True Nature. So my focus as a psychospiritual educator is on using the tranformational tools I have learned – various forms of yoga including hatha, kundalini, somatic, and restorative; chi gong; energy healing; breathwork and sounding; and meditation tools – delivered via private online instruction and group classes and meditations as well as self-paced online courses to help people do just that…come to rest in their Divinity.


  • BS Ed from University of New Mexico
  • MA from University of New Mexico

Yoga Certification

I am a Sovereign Certified Yoga Teacher and as of October 2021, my teacher training includes: 200 Hour YTT; over 400 Additional Training Hours including but not limited to Meditation (see below), Chair Yoga (Cassandra Reinhardt & Others), Restorative Yoga (Therapeutic Yoga, Satya Greenstone & Others), Energy Work & Chi Gong (see below), Enviro-Somatics (Marc J. Aquaviva), Grief Movement Training (Paul Dennison), Yoga Nidra (Nada Yoga School), Kriya Yoga (see below) & Pranayama (Michael Bijker & Others); 750+ Private and Studio Teaching Hours.

Chi Gong Certification

Complete Oct. 31, 2023 with Don Fiore


  • Tibetan Bon Buddhism Ngondro Transmission from Lama Khyimsar Rinpoche 2004
  • Lessons in Meditation, Art & Science of Raja Yoga, Discipleship, and Kriya Preparation courses with Ananda 2019
  • Kriya Yoga received from Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath 2019
  • Initiation into Zen (Kanshoji Monastery) 2022
  • Founder The Mirror Meditation Project

Shamanism & Sacred Sound

  • Initiations into Peruvian, Toltec and Bon Shamanism
  • 12 Years of Toltec Studies including 2.5 Years Dreaming
  • Tribute to My Lineages

Founder and developer of Toning for Peace and Vocal Toning Meditation and Transformational Voicework, writing two books on the topic, The Unknown Mother: A magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound and Your True Voice: Tools to Embrace A Fully Expressed Life.

Energy Work Activations

  • Aka Dua Levels 1 & 2
  • Reiki Levels 1 & 2
  • Open Heart Levels 1 & 2
  • Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 2a


  • featured improvisational vocalist on the TLC series with Visionary Music
  • featured vocalist Bliss of Being with Richard Shulman and the Pure Heart Ensemble