Susan Hale | Author of Sacred Space, Sacred Sound
Enter the gates of your authentic self through Your True Voice. Dielle Ciesco’s companion to her first book, The Unknown Mother, offers expert guidance to help both beginning explorers and advanced practitioners discover the untold wealth that dwells within the human voice. Dielle’s unique shamanic approach brings new insights to the field of natural voice work. Links to video instructions add to the usability of the many practices included in this valuable book.

Gini Gentry | Dreaming Heaven co-creator-DVD and Journeybook
Your True Voice offers a unique approach to developing “free speech” and aligning with impeccability revealing the outrageous joy awaiting your heartfelt connection to life. The poetic wisdom and practices, thought-provoking and fun, make a powerful awareness-building combo! Dielle encourages her reader toward loving responsibility for all aspects of our expression and helps us remember that when coming from the heart, whether we move quietly and speak in a whisper or sing out at the top of our lungs, our truth will echo through the cosmos with a roar!

Kara Johnstad | Singer-Songwriter, Voice Specialist and founder of Voice Your Essence
Dielle Ciesco has created an important resource for all readers, whatever their experience with their own voice thus far, to enter the world of transformational voice work. She touches on the essence of what the voice truly is in our world and gives us an easy to follow blueprint to discover the deeper layers to our own unique source of sound, creativity and healing. Informative, inspirational, and beautifully illustrated, YOUR TRUE VOICE has the potential to change your life. A must have for anyone interested in understanding voice work as a life practice.

Eric Myers, M.A. | Author of The Astrology of Awakening Series
Dielle Ciesco masterfully invites us into the realm of resonance, vibration, toning and many other components of sound and voice. With expert guidance, we are encouraged to claim our authentic voice, to heal and breathe, and to enjoy the sounds of creation. Your True Voice is engaging, accessible, and full of heart–a guide for vocal, emotional and spiritual healing. This workbook is packed with innovative methods that the author has personally used for years, tried and true techniques we can all learn to do. Ciesco’s work also connects with spiritual and shamanic wisdom which adds layers of depth and meaning.

JoAnn Chambers (ShapeshifterDNA) | Cultural Creative at Visionary Music and author of The Sonic Keys: Sound, Light & Frequency
The teachings in Your True Voice offer an amazing journey for those interested in expressing themselves and engaging with the full power of the voice. The progression through the 10 Gates is well organized and adds a new level of integration and understanding of the concepts shared in Dielle’s first book, The Unknown Mother, making this a great companion. The unique and powerful practices are a pleasure, sure to deepen the reader’s experience with the whole voice for transformation that will last a lifetime.

Sue Hibbits
I found Dielle’s new book to be a trip into the vast space of my own true voice. Using breathing and vocal toning exercises, Dielle helped unlock the sounds I’ve learned to silence. I like the concept of unlocking the 10 Gates of my voice. Step-by-step, I learned to explore the richness of my own spiritual sound. I chose to take it slow and easy, journaling with the opening of each gate. I didn’t realize how constricted my breathing and my voice had become. Nor did I fully understand the “how” and the “why” of this constriction. With each gate, I found more and more freedom and power. This book is now part of my daily meditation practice. I love the breathing and tonal aspects of Your True Voice. You don’t need to read her previous book in order to get the benefits from this book. Dielle folds everything you need to know into these gentle exercises. I thoroughly recommend this book.