In The Unknown Mother, author Dielle Ciesco has drawn together insightful wisdom, practical exercises, and powerful realizations of many of the greater understandings of all that sound is and can be, in a most creative approach. Through the eyes of a student, in a playful novel form, she incorporates the experienced discernment of an other-worldly teacher, offering penetrating messages on the power of the spoken word, the use of voice and intention in singing, mantra & toning, and the clarity that arises through silence, offering real life application to this most expansive body of knowledge, reaching toward one’s authentic being and potential.
~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
Director, the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Director of Education, the International Sound Healing Network

“If I bought [The Unknown Mother] just because the cover is attractive or because the title is intriguing, with each page I read, I would be thinking, ‘I am so glad I purchased this book’…the kind of book that has potential for deep impact.”
MayaJoelle Aubry, Music for People

“The Unknown Mother is a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their connection to their authentic voice and tune to their inner vibration. Dielle beautifully shares powerful teachings in a light-hearted, fun manner that will effortlessly guide you into a brand new relationship with sound, love, and your own freedom.
~HeatherAsh Amara, author of The Toltec Path of Transformation

“Truly, I have not read such a well-timed and inspirational message in a long time. At the juncture of quantum reconstruction and nuclear annihilation, mankind may be ready to rewrite the chronicle of this present dysfunctional civilization. If you are ready for the next level, read this book. The Unknown Mother within you is waiting for your commands. She wants to coach you and teach you how to positively bring into play the power to speak in a new healing language. By the power of sound and speech, we can turn today’s tragic failures into a new triumphant reality.

Modify your vocabulary and you revolutionize your destiny. Alter the way you string together yours words and you automatically renovate the sense of your personal history. Be aware of the supernatural properties of the words you use constantly and you gradually free yourself from the psychological dungeon of your own script. Learn how to really breathe again in harmony with the shamanic music of your universal life. The Unknown Mother is not only a wonderful Goddess of Sound; she is also a spiritual healer who knows the art of cleansing and purifying all distressing residues stuck within the cells of our body.

Immersed in this spellbinding story, the reader will be impressed by Ciesco’s knowledge about the hidden force of her or his own human voice. I myself was fascinated to read about how my repressed emotions have a profound impact on my ability to express myself and adjust my entire life. Ciesco writes about some real universal solutions: learning to truly communicate and listen to others; transcending judgment with discernment; becoming our own healer; freeing our subconscious from traumatic emotions; and, more important, coming to a much deeper acceptance of what is here and now. At the end of the story, we harness the capacity to create what comes next. Being a victim is not an option anymore.”
~Patrick Bernard, Author of Music as Yoga (Mandala Publishing)

“The intro to your book is magical! I can’t wait to continue reading! You ARE amazing and so glad you listened when Matrina called!”
~Roberta Binder, Editor, Asheville, NC

“I just downloaded the teaser of your book. I WANT MORE!!! I just inhaled it. I can’t wait when I will be able to read the whole book. You are a talent!
~Natahsa K., California

“I finished your book! I really, really enjoyed reading it. And, I’ll read it again!
~Diane D., Albuquerque, NM

 “In The Unknown Mother, Dielle takes us on a journey into the magical world of sound through the power of story. She makes this unseen world accessible by weaving together elements both imagined and real, and gives us tools for going deeper into its mysteries. This book is helping me in my own work as a singer-songwriter, and as an herbalist who hears the voices of the plant devas. We will all be empowered to raise our voices in a new song for a new earth through Dielle’s unveiling of the frequencies of The Unknown Mother, who literally creates our world.”
~Thea Summer Deer, author of Wisdom of the Plant Devas: Herbal Medicine for a New Earth

“Dielle Ciesco has magically tapped into the sacred shamanic voice that resides deep in the heart of all creation. Matrina the Unknown Mother reminds us that sound and words have the power to heal what ails humanity when we are willing to surrender to the Great Mystery. As the founder and creator of Shamanic Breathwork Journeys, I believe that Matrina must have been whispering her wisdom in my ears these many years while I slept!”
~Linda Star Wolf, author of Visionary Shamanism: Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field

“Harmonically sweet and refreshingly deep.” Francis Rico, author of A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty: Connecting to the Mojo of the Universe



From Sophie Magazine, Dec. 2012
Written by Brenda Seright Williams

….As I was reading The Unknown Mother, I wondered how many are even ready for a book of this magnitude. As I read on, though, I was reminded that books meet us where we are. We take from them what we are able and, sometimes, if we read them again a year or more later, we are ready for much more….The power of sound and speech has the ability to heal, to shape destinies and to take us to a higher level. Our own repressed emotions block our expression and Dielle’s magical tale takes us on a journey to free ourselves….I say I was rendered speechless, but not in the literal sense. There are simply no appropriate words to really explain this book.

From Stuff Jeff Reads, Jan. 31, 2012
Written by Jeff Japp

…Stylistically, the book reminded me a lot of Carlos Castaneda’s works, where the magical person instructs the student, who doesn’t always grasp the ideas that quickly. In fact, references in The Unknown Mother to the nagual and impeccability made me feel fairly certain that Ciesco was influenced by Castaneda. [Read the full review…]

Roberta Binder, Feb. 6, 2012
Author, Editor, WNC Woman feature writer

…Oh, the amazing lessons it holds and the perfect timing in our universe for its release. As we turned into 2013, we walked fully into the consciousness of communication and the importance of hearing the words we speak every day, in all situations, to everyone we come in contact with…

I’m an Eclectic Reader Blog

Inspiring and touching, those are two great, fitting words to describe “The Unknown Mother”…. I didn’t think I’d learn a lot from this. I took a class on “finding your true voice” about five years ago, and it didn’t do much for me. But this was completely different. Explanations were clear, rational, and easy to understand. I felt like I was learning alongside the main character….A solid, inspiring book for everyone looking for their true voice. [more]