A friend of mine recently asked me about the title of my book wondering why I called it The Unknown Mother.  Great question!

In my book, the wise mentor character, Matrina, reveals herself to Wrenne to be a Matrika or goddess of the alphabet. One can read many different interpretations of the mythology surrounding the Matrikas or Seven Sisters responsible for all illusion online.

I decided to use The Unknown Mother as the title for my book because most of humanity is not aware of this subtle force behind all things nor of the power that lies within sound to create and shift reality. Yet this energy is responsible for everything, including our thoughts, our experiences, and the infinite images that shape our world. The Unknown Mother is the screen on which the movies of our lives play out, but she is also the light and shadow that dances upon it. She is,  indeed, our true mother, so pervasive and present in all things that we miss her completely, leaving her unacknowledged, unappreciated, and unseen.

In writing this book, I not only wanted to share some of the magical experiences I have had in my explorations of sound healing and voice and how these tools have helped me free myself from suffering, I also wanted to bring the reader’s attention to our True Mother, perhaps in my own small way helping to usher in the restoration of the Goddess to her rightful throne. As we empower ourselves by walking through the 10 gates of sound presented in The Unknown Mother, we renew and empower the Divine Feminine in our own lives, reclaiming our ability to create and re-membering those aspects of ourselves that were cut out in the patriarchal rule that has been in power these thousands of years.

Sri Karunamayi has written such a beautiful piece on approaching this Divine Mother:

Seek Mother in your heart. Your heart is Mother’s temple. See Mother’s divinity in each and every cell of the entire universe, in every being and in your heart. Realize Mother in all of nature. Mother is the soul of the world. Feel Her tender touch in the wind, perceive Her glory in all. Prayer is not asking God for something; prayer is a yearning of the soul, a beautiful communication with Mother Divine! Open your heart to Mother and experience Her presence in the form of inner peace, bliss and divine love… 

By finally getting to know this Mother, our hearts bloom and our minds awaken.