Improvisational vocalist, Dielle Ciesco, inspires both catharsis and meditative repose, embracing the listener with a powerful whisper to awaken.

“The tears that come are from feeling that oneness with all that is in the cosmos. I feel out of body, caught up in the heavens-in space, my spirit free traveling about, time out of thought, joining the angelic entities, feeling their essence-that of love!! You all do that for me and I daresay, all that hear this transmission will experience ecstasy. And you, dearheart and Gary, together with Dielle, make that all happen. Precious are you all to me! Thank you.”   – Michael De Piazza, Sequim, WA

“I am deeply enthralled with this piece – i rush home each night to put it on – the voices added to your music is just so beautiful and I want to wrap myself up in its beauty all the time. Great job, Shapeshifter and I love this new style of yours and look forward to hearing the rest of this series.”
– J.L.G.

Improvisational Vocals with the Pure Heart Ensemble

NOMINATED for BEST NEW ARTIST in the Zone Music Reporter Awards 2014!

It’s Here!!! 

The Bliss of Being with the Pure Heart Ensemble featuring Richard Shulman on Piano, Adriana Contino on Cello, Kate Steinbeck on Flute, Bob Hinkle on Crystal Bowls, & Dielle on Vocals.

Deeply relaxing and expansive music to dive into for your natural inner alignment.

“When we let go of fear we are available to the larger energy to play through us. We are serving this greater force. Letting go of fear is the doorway.”  Richard Shulman

Improvisational Vocals with Shapeshifter

Dielle is also featured on the Transmissions of Light Codes (TLC) Series from Visionary Music including:

Journey towards Ascension         Aya’s Undersworld          5th World Emerging

Dielle has also recorded with Kenneth Hope and appears on the following tracks: The Visitor on Fragileworld, Echoes on House of Mirrors, and Indu on Simplicity.