Why Divine Metime

Why Divine Metime?

Names are important. They carry energy and set a direction. They solidify intent. I wanted to take a moment to address the name of this website.

Let’s define ‘me-time’.

First, Me-time is defined by the Online Slang Dictionary as “time to one’s self to relax, recover, think, etc.” While connotations can run the gamut from the selfish to the profane, the word is used here in its purest essence – time just for you to do something for yourself that restores and recharges you. This isn’t always an easy thing for people to make space for because of our daily obligations and responsibilities. But it is critical in order for us to remain healthy, well-balanced humans rather than dried out, resentful zombies.

The idea that it is ‘selfish’ to take me-time tends to be propagated among those who risk losing the full attention of the one taking it and by those who unable to take it for themselves as the result of some passed-down agreement or belief. But just as one must place first their own oxygen mask in case of cabin air-pressure change, those who don’t find ways to make space for me-time are often too drained to be of true service to others.

Me-time is about replenishing your energy and a means to “catch up” with yourself when the stresses of life have forced you to endure. Me-time can be as simple as setting aside five minutes in a quite room to simply breathe or it can include carving out time for your favourite hobby or be as extravagant as a month-long retreat.

Let’s define the word ‘divine’.

Now, Divine means “holy, heavenly, sacred, excellent to the highest degree” according to several sources and furthermore, according to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, it is also of or belonging to God; proceeding from God and/or appropriated to God. This isn’t about religion, though. It matters little whether one is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Atheist. You may replace the word “God” with whatever is meaningful to you…Universal Intelligence, Source, Life itself.

On the surface, the divine of divine metime is meant to simply imply a heavenly experience, in the way one speaks of a heavenly hot bath or a divine piece of chocolate. It is a respite from everyday life, if only for an hour, and a doorway into a much more profound sanctuary.

Divine Metime

Now we put it all together. You are standing on Holy Ground right where you; you make it holy. In fact, the original meaning of healing was wholeness or, to be more precise, holiness. Healing is a re-membering of our dismembered and scattered selves impacted by a confused world and the illusion of separateness and limitation.

Divine Metime is a communion with your Sacred Self if you are willing to open yourself to it. In our surrender to the process, we steep in the Light of Pure Awareness, and allow that beautiful light to care for these bodies and forms with which we perceive the world. In that light, we remember and reconnect to the love we are.

As one client recently put it, “It’s self-care on steroids”.

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