Why I No Longer Accept Paypal

Nobody’s Pal

It may have escaped the attention of many that Paypal recently instituted, pulled back, and then quietly reinstituted a policy whereby if you were found to be “a spreader of misinformation” (now worded as spreading hate), as of Nov. 3, 2022, they could charge you a fee of $2500, at their sole discretion. Now most people, including myself, would at first think, so what? I don’t spread misinformation or hate.

But here’s the thing. Even if I agreed that a certain person or business was spreading misinformation or hate, I sure as hell wouldn’t want my payment provider to be the agency policing them. Seriously! WTF?

Unfair Removals

Add to this the fact that Paypal has unjustly removed from their platform many nonprofits¬† (including film-makers, children’s organizations, and news organizations) and other groups fighting for truth and transparency, based on impossible to understand secret criteria with little ability to contest their removal, let alone individuals for merely expressing their opinion. Opinion! Sounds like a social credit system to me. This is not a company which deserves my business. Allowing finances to be tied to our liberties is asking for trouble.

100% Creepy

Think about it. How would they even determine that someone was indeed spreading misinformation? In the first place, how would they even define it? And would they be “monitoring” their blogs, social media posts, webcasts, etc? Is that really the job of a payment provider? To me, it is just 100% creepy. Especially given that Paypal, having access to banking accounts, could just accuse anyone of ‘spreading misinformation’ and deduct $2500 from their bank.

No More

If it isn’t clear to you yet, it won’t be long before it is: we need alternatives to the disgusting levels of corporate control that seek to undermine freedom of speech, democratic values, and human liberties. It is quite clear to me, so I am no longer accepting Paypal payments for my services nor using it to purchase the services of others. You can make your own decisions, but don’t regret the one you make when 10 years from now, you are charged for a meme you shared 10 years back, or some organization of a cause close to your heart gets accused of something that didn’t align with spooks behind Paypal and they are disappeared overnight.

Allowing Paypal to get away with such practices only emboldens other bloated and monopolistic corporations to do the same.

For more information about steps you can take to defeat the globalist slave agenda, visit Reignite Freedom and join the movement. It’s time.

Why I No Longer Accept Paypal
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