What is a Mandala?

Mandalas are a language of the Universal Whole. The geometric mandalas that I create are a communication from and conversation with color and light. A person could watch and look at them, even thinking, ‘Cool!” but without really seeing or hearing the message conveyed. So as you do watch, please contemplate the following. Receiving the message will raise your frequency and raising frequency changes everything!

What is a Deconstructed Mandala?

Here I share a series of kaleidoscopic mandalas I like to refer to as “deconstructed”. Rather than symmetrical geometry, there is a little chaos in these representations of the Universal One. Each one signifies the dissolution of matter back to the zero point…or if you prefer, the swirling chaos of manifestation energies coming into material existence. This slideshow is set to a track inspired by the Heart Sutra titled “Illusion” that I recorded back in what feels like another lifetime ago in 2013. Let illusions dissolve and find yourself centered in the truth of
the formless self:

The Essence of Mandalas

Life is made up of fragments. The fragments tend to be all we see. Mandalas reveal to us a deeper truth: that everything in existence, all the fragments, radiate from a central point, a single origin, the ultimate source of all. Yes, they can be pretty or trippy, but perhaps the deeper significance is in the reveal of this zero point from which all of life arises. Aside from my own delight in beauty, maybe the point in creating them is the point that there is only One, eternally expanding and radiating out in all directions. The lines, shapes, and configurations are the web or thread that unites us, but equally uniting is the space between, the fascia of all of existence.

Some of the mandalas seem to have an inherent outward radiating force. Others have more of an inward radiating force, pulling us into that center. Really, they are each both, so it is all in how one looks at it…where one focuses. And this expansive and contractive force mirrors both the breath in and out and the heart which opens and closes with each experience or impression gained from living.

The four directions (and the multitude of infinite fractional directions) are represented in mandalas. The center of the cross is the entry way into all time and space. Each of us are that center wherever we stand. The entire universe emanates from you and as you.

In viewing these mandalas, take the time to see what is behind them. How on earth can you see what’s behind them? Let them pull you in. Instead of turning an external kaleidoscope in your hands, you be the mechanism. Allow life to turn you. Allow the chips of glass that are the fragments of your life to move apart and come together in rush and dance. You stay as the center.

Designs for Sale

I’m ready to design a gorgeous, mysterious, colorful visionary mandala for you. Artwork is suitable for websites and social media, cover artwork (album, book), videos or logos. Or you can just use it as an aid to meditation. What makes my designs different is that they all originate from actual artwork and/or photography. In other words, they are not purely digital, lifeless or flat.

I create with intention tapping into high creative energies to offer you art that carries a potent, healing frequency and beauty.

Contact me for details or find me on Fiverr (alchemist4you).

More Mandalas

For additional samples of my artwork visit my art page and for videos featuring more kaleidoscopic mandalas, visit my youtube playlist.