Child, you cannot escape your [emotions]. You can try to drown [them] in distractions, numb [them] with your vices, or pretend [they aren’t] there at all. Sooner or later [they] will spring back out of [their] hiding place and demand you stand and face [them].

Beau Tiplin

E-motion Alchemy & Space-Holding

As a Grief Movement Guide trained by Paul Dennison, I was inspired to further develop the use of movement to help us process our emotions based on my previous work in energy healing, shamanism, sound healing, dance, kundalini, and other yoga forms and my own lifelong process to learn to hold space for my emotions. I’m so excited to reveal the result, a unique healing-through-movement program called E-motion Alchemy.

E-motion Alchemy provides 1:1 support for those on the profound journey of not just grief, but the full spectrum of the more difficult emotions, as a specific focus or in combination with any other Divine Me Time practices. Together, we perform alchemy and turn the substance of our challenging emotions into a higher vibratory gold.

There are 5 basic trios of emotion with which we work:

  • 1st Trio – Fear/Anxiety/Nervousness to Trust/Relaxation/Grounding
  • 2nd Trio – Anger/Rage/Disgust to Respect (Boundaries)/Authentic Power/Patience
  • 3rd Trio – Shame/Guilt/Embarrassment to Play/Joy/Daring/Alignment
  • 4th Trio – Hurt/Regret/Sadness/Grief to Compassion/Contentment/Openness/Resilience
  • 5th Trio – Loneliness/Hopelessness/Depression/Bitterness to Gratitude/Optimism/Awe/Sacredness

We have to feel to heal. What we don’t feel congeals. It gets trapped in the body and creates reactionary habits or worse, physical symptoms. But sometimes, our emotions are so overwhelming or powerful that we tend to get stuck in them and wallow. So we also have to keep the energy moving. E-motion Alchemy helps us get to know the full emotional spectrum of being human so that we can face and gently touch in to those tender places and also fully enjoy more uplifting emotions with uninhibited joy. When we find ourselves plummeting into the lower frequency aspects of the above continuums, we can apply one of the 5 elixers to begin an alchemical process toward healing. The elixers are:

  • to Protect
  • to Care
  • to Forgive
  • to Hone
  • to Nurture

The means by which we apply the elixers begins with inquiry, moves into physical practice, and is further supplemented with meditation and mantra/song and then integrated through creative expression.

Here is one of 10 sample videos to be released on youtube, this one dealing with the 1st Trio of Emotions:

You can find the full playlist here. But understand that these videos represent a fraction of E-motion Alchemy practices. Those wanting to target a specific emotional trio or wanting to go more deeply into the work with an attentive facilitator are welcome to contact me or schedule a one to one session. Currently I am not training people to work with others in E-motion Alchemy, but if you are a certified yoga or meditation teacher, you can reach out to me with your interest. I’d be happy to bring this work to your own yoga teacher trainings and retreats.

Our Universal Experience

You are not alone! There are numerous reasons why some people are uncomfortable and avoidant of grief and other difficult emotions such as frustration, resentment, or anger. But emotions are a universal experience from which no one can escape. And yet, there are so few safe spaces in the world that allow us to simply feel.  So it is my honor and deep privilege to hold space for your emotional process helping you to give yourself the permission to feel it all and “do it your way”, which is really just another facet of the spiritual journey. There is room for each of the challenging emotions that arise, no matter how big or small, no matter how long or short.

Thank you so much for our session. It really got some energy swirling, and I was able to start to see things differently. I thought I wasn’t feeling any grief, when in reality I am. I mistook the relief I felt from no longer drowning in a tidal wave of acute grief, as not feeling anything at all.  Small moments of grief and tears that I’ve been allowing seemed so small and insignificant in comparison, but they aren’t! After our session, I realized that these quiet, simple tears matter, too. It’s all part of the journey. And as much as it is disconcerting and difficult to face, I am doing better and getting through this. I don’t know why it feels like a betrayal (to who or what?) to heal, to go on with life, but it does. Our session today made me start questioning the stories I was telling myself. I realized I’m doing what survivors do, growing in resiliency and fortitude, and doing the best I can in any given moment, on this unique journey.

Who Is This For?

This work is for anyone who is ready to face and finally be free of the more difficult of the human emotions. That isn’t to say we never feel them again, but when we do, we know what they are signaling and we know how to help them move along. This work is not just for those who have experienced a loss or death, be it a loved one, pet, job, home, marriage, health and most especially, an identity. After all, let us not forget that waking up itself is a grieving process. The earth and her children are undergoing a tremendous and incomprehensible transformation. We are each traumatized in our own way and sensitive to the extent of collective trauma affecting this planet. So there are those who will do this work for themselves and there are those who will be called to do this work on behalf of all of nature and spirit.

What This Is Not:

I am not a psychotherapist or counselor, nor am I a teacher or grief expert. Rather I am a present witness offering you tools to help you move (literally) through your difficult thoughts, emotions, and sensations during times of loss or challenge. Emotional Alchemy Movement is an ancillary and complimentary support along your path with powerful potentials to help you face your process head-on safely and move through it with grace and courage.

What Does It Cost?

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