In my last post on the Multidimensional Being, I introduced the DMT 10-Body System, a synthesis of well-established yogic systems and so, while unique to DMT, not remotely a new concept. In this post, I will delve into each of these layers of our being from a DMT perspective. By getting to know the layers of our being, we are able to better map where we might experience blockages of energy or be cut off from aspects of Self. As such, knowing the dimensions of our being is extremely helpful on the healing path. What’s more, being aware of all these aspects of Self deepen our experience of Divine Me Time.

Physical Body

This one’s obvious. It is what is traditionally referred to as “the body” including all of its systems and parts: the organs, the bones, the tissues, the limbs, the extremities, and nerves. We are born with what seems to be one and the same body, and yet, from year to year, it is always changing until that eventual and inevitable moment in which we must leave it behind. Surprisingly, very few people are actually “in” their bodies now.

Multidimensions of BeingThere is such a learned disconnect for reasons of survival from a young age, and our inability to process other layers of our being can totally stunt our relationship with our physical selves. This can manifest as disease of every kind. That is why somatic movement, slow and mindful, is so important to our well-being. One may think that an Olympian athlete is “in the body”, but in fact, it is just as likely they are cut off in some way…forcing it to conform to the will of the mind, this just to say that appearances can be deceiving. I’m not implying every athlete is disembodied.

Pranic Body/Life Force

This is the bioelectrical energy force of all life fueled by the breath. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you were meant to be here, hold your breath. You’ll get your answer soon enough. How we breathe is an indicator of physical health. If we breathe primarily up in the chest, we are creating a nervous tension in the body. If we can drop our breathe into the belly, we become more relaxed and soothed by our  own internal rhythm. That, of course, is assuming that we’re not efforting to breathe in a certain fashion but rather, following a natural breath.

One could also see this field as the physical healing field as when we cut our finger accidentally, we notice over a period of days that the cut has healed. This is the wonder of the pranic force of life.

Emotional Body

Joy, sadness, frustration, resentment, rage, contentment. These are common emotions that arise in our emotional body. We tend to get a little addicted to our favorite emotional states…even the less comfortable ones. Emotions are energetic symbols alerting us to imbalance which is why if we ignore or suppress them, we do so at our peril.

You may ask, “How can joy indicate imbalance?” For one thing, joy can leave us ungrounded and floaty. For another, because we tend to want to hold on to higher states, imbalance arises out of our clinging and preference. But all emotions are meant to flow…to come and go. This isn’t to discount experiences of True Nature that can be incredibly tranquil. But that tranquility is True Nature…not a fleeting emotion. Whether or not we can maintain consciousness there is another matter, however.

While we need to absolutely be aware of all of our feelings, if any of them become sticky, even the good ones, we are setting ourselves up for suffering. Like the breath, the emotional body is meant to be ever in flux.

Mental Body

The mental body deals with all of our thinking as well as memes and the conditioning of the mind. If you can think it, put it in this category. Even the words you are reading now are aspects of the mental body which gives every stroke its meaning. It is often said that where the mind goes, energy flows. So how we think has a direct impact on our experience of reality. The mental body should not be confused with mind, however. Mind is clear, luminous space…like a crystal. The mental body manifests within the space of the mind.

The Auric Body

This is the energy field of the body that radiates beyond our physical boundaries. It is associated with the chakra system and it has within itself several different layers. There are those who are adept at seeing these layers and the various signs of disease or weakness that might be displayed through holes, tears, punctures, colors and textures. Our thoughts and emotions can be displayed through our auric field. Anyone can train themselves to see the aura, but we’ll leave that for perhaps another time.

Kirlian photography has captured the auric field on film. The images are quite magnificent.

Wisdom/Intuitive Body

Did you know you have access to Cosmic Wisdom? Through this body, we are able to receive intuitive guidance and impulse. Here we have access to the Akashic Records and an intelligence greater than the individual human mind. This is the field in which the Muses operate, inspiring invention and all manner of artists. It is the field in which all problems can be solved because it is a refined consciousness in which the problems don’t even exist. It is a world of potentials, but potentials inspired by Spirit rather than ego.

Radiant Body

The radiant body exists just beyond the auric field. It reaches out to the world. It is our magnetism. It can open us up to and attract opportunities as well as be used to protect us from unwanted energies and manifestations. Similar to the aura, the radiant body is often represented in religious iconography as the halo.

Bliss Body/Celestial

This body is commonly accessed by storming it with psychotropics. But it is best earned through meditation and devotion. It is our connection to the orgasmic cosmos, expanding and collapsing in ever-unfolding rapturous wonder. The Ecstatics, saints that regularly fell into or even lived most of their days in an ecstasy are examples of beings deeply connected to this level of being. However, it tends not to be a very practical existence.


This can be referred to as “the higher self”. It’s the you of your highest potentials that guides your path as a being here on Earth. You can think of it as a God-designed blueprint if you wish. We lose sight of our soul body at our karmic peril, but regardless of whether or not we allow it to inform us, it is always trying to do so.


As stated in my first post, the Absolute remains unavailable to description and definition. It even lies outside of our ability to experience it. And yet, we are it. It’s a paradox that only the Great Mystery could concoct!

The most important thing to understand is that, while we look at these separately in order to see them more clearly and work with them intentionally, they comprise a single being…the entirety of YOU! You aren’t missing any of these layers though you may be unaware of them. They may require a bit of attention and “buffing up” before we can fully integrate each into the other.