“With the perspective of gentleness and kindness that Beth brings to her classes, she knows exactly how to guide her students to a calm peacefulness while we discover self awareness and a state of improved well being. She skillfully builds an approach that slows the pace down, allowing for quiet stillness. Offering a secure, safe space to move, stretch, grow, heal and relax in, Beth welcomes all bodies, all students, all skill levels and all ages. We learn and discover while knowing comfort, self acceptance and peace. In my life (I’m 60 and have 55 years of yoga experience) I have come to recognize that those teachers who can be still, who can allow their students to be still, who understand the luxury of less is sometimes more, and have the skill and fortitude to embrace and share that wisdom, therein I know I have found a gem of a teacher: Beth is one of those. I started working with Beth about a year ago, taking around 2 classes weekly. I find her sessions to be a remarkable experience in compassionate based, guided care. Her integrity and extensive and diverse background provides a seemingly infinite supply of ongoing, valuable information. Classes are fun, innovative, surprisingly varied and yet reliably gentle while also being legitimately transformative from start to end.”
Becky Schoener, USA

“I enjoyed the process and the results of our restorative session very much.  My body felt less tense when I went to bed and I moved more fluidly during my stretch workout this a.m. I found the Rumi prayer/poem you selected to be a perfect complimentary meditation.”
Wendy Monroe, USA

“I have just completed Beth’s yoga course for absolute beginners. This was pitched at exactly the right level and pace in a calm non judgemental style. I appreciated the clear explanations and how the different positions could be adapted according to ones physical capabilities. The follow up emails were very useful in recapping all we had covered in each lesson and enabling effective continued practice outside of the class. I appreciated the small class size. Highly recommended.”
Iain Boatman, France

“[Beth] took on two people in their early 70s, one a Yoga dabbler over the years and one a Yoga novice. From the first session we knew we had chosen the right activity and, above all, the right teacher to give us what we needed. Thank you [Beth].”
Sue Kirkham, France

“I am really loving my Monday morning Yoga Fusion sessions with [Beth]. The sessions are really professional, well planned and enjoyable. The exercises are mindful, slowly stretching muscles and moving joints and energy, and as I have a lot of arthritis and stiffness in my muscles and joints this really works well for me. I leave feeling deeply relaxed in mind, body and spirit!”
Liz Bell, France

“En quelques séances, [Beth] m’a fait découvrir des aspects inconnus de ma voix, que je pensais pourtat bien connaitre, en tant que chanteur professionnel. J’ai pu y entendre des murmures, des plaintes, des cris déchirants, proférés par des ancêtres dont le nom a été oublié. Et puis des harmonies douces et des louanges que je ne me connaissais pas.

In a couple of sessions, [Beth] made me discover unknown aspects of my voice, which I thought I perfectly knew, being a professional singer. I could hear in it whispers, moans and groans, and heart rending screams coming from ancestors whose names remain in oblivion. And also sweet harmonies and praising songs I did not know I knew.”
Zedvan Traumat, France

“We are so lucky to have this vocal treasure, [Beth], in our rural French countryside. Years ago, I did some voice training with Taylor Kudurow of the Voice Factory in San Francisco, worked in the voice-over industry for a few years, till I discovered Enrique Pardo of the Pantheatre (Roy Hart work). I studied with him in Paris and Cevannes, France. Two ends of the spectrum in my search to find my “true” voice & format for expression. Years passed and few fresh opportunities for voice exploration came along, till I met Dielle by chance and was able to arrange a session with her. Her process and technique are deep and profound. And she is clear as a bell in her explanations, using simple direct exercises that help you release and move your voice/self into new places, expanding your range. As with the gaze, the voice is also another window into the soul, and we are constantly responding intuitively to the voices around us. Dielle’s extensive background, teachings and books truly can bring about transformation that is enduring, very quickly! I recommend her without reservation (and she’s funny too!).”
Ra Martin, France

“I have been lucky to frequently experience [Beth]´s beautiful work, for many years, as a client and as a colleague.
There is one thing about [Beth] that never ceases to amaze me: Both sides of her brain are quite active and seem to be the dominant. So while she is very organized, logical, well prepared, she keeps surprising me with another expressive, artistic talent spontaneously emerging.
I visualize [Beth] as a wise woman of the world, carrying many bags, each of them having a different shape, texture, color. In each bag there is a secret ingredient, a technique, a song, a movement, a mantra. And [Beth] opens the appropriate bag at the right time to pull out its magical wonder.”
MayaJoelle Aubry, USA

“I feel I’ve rediscovered the shaman inside and regained my power. How beautiful is that! Your workshop was a great part in this. Thanks so much!”
F.M., Geneva

“My experience with what you had me do really made me confront some deep things that many of the other healing modalities I have done never brought me too so quickly. It was intense in a way I never expected and as you said we only scratched the surface. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your taking time to work with and on me today. And thank you for your patience and compassion as well.”
Craig Potter, USA

Being in your group last week was the most delicious healing that I have ever felt! It was challenging for sure, but delicious because of how I felt afterwards, and still I am carrying around the feeling of nurturing you provided to me that special evening. I know now that I am worth being nurtured. I know I can trust the Universe to bring me where I need to be, both physically and emotionally, as long as I let my fear go…
Lisa D’Angelo Guillory

I cannot express to you how much I needed this workshop and how much I got out of it! I’m spending this whole day writing down what came up for me in that empowering journey. I was deeply moved! Fear of the unknown (and monkey chatter voices in my head) was beginning to take me into a place of terror. Thank you – thank you for facilitating this deeply healing circle. And thanks to all the members of the workshop! I felt connected and at peace when I left! Please use me as one of your “satisfied” workshop participants for future workshops! Blessings!
Sue Hibbits, Asheville

“The tears that come are from feeling that oneness with all that is in the cosmos. I feel out of body, caught up in the heavens-in space, my spirit free traveling about, time out of thought, joining the angelic entities, feeling their essence-that of love!! You all do that for me and I daresay, all that hear this transmission will experience ecstasy. And you, dearheart and Gary [JoAnn and Gary Chambers of Visionary Music], together with [Beth], make that all happen. Precious are you all to me! Thank you.”
Michael De Piazza, Sequim, WA

“As I continue to practice the vocal and toning exercises and explore what I’m learning with [Beth], I feel like my whole being/essence is releasing old energetic patterns/ thought forms and beginning to resonate at a new frequency. This process is simultaneously exciting, accelerated/high powered, grounding, expansive and transforming. At times my brain feels like it is filtering and organizing volumes of new concepts while my body is experiencing a sense of lightness and new sensations. As a result, I sometimes find I am able to most clearly articulate/express how these changes are affecting me through authentic movement and artwork. I am feeling more aware of and connected to the sounds,colors, shapes/forms,textures and smells that surround me.”
Alexa Ingersoll, Certification Program Participant

“I found [Beth]’s workshop to be effective, powerful, and transformative. She is well trained, highly intuitive and has a palpable “shamanic” strength backing her up. I was surprised – and grateful. Besides that she’s fun! and down to earth. I recommend highly.”
Marston Blow, Asheville Artist

“I wanted to thank you for today. A truly magnificent experience, toning in the dome! I look forward to attending in the future. In March I went to the Domincan Republic to swim with the humpback whales. It was the most amazing experience of my life…I’ve never felt such pure ecstatic joy! Ever since then, I carry the whales with me all the time, but sometimes I feel them stronger than other times. Today, almost immediately, I started feeling the whales very strongly. They were in the room with me, with us. At several points during the toning today I felt the waves of the ocean, like I was still on the boat, or in the water, surrounded by love and joy, and the magic of the whales. WOW! Thank you for sharingyour gift, and opening your heart, and inviting others to do the same.”
Arrana Ashton, Asheville

” From the first moment I heard [Beth]’s voice in the dome of the Light Center, I began having a deep experience that transcends words. Joyful sounds doesn’t cover it. You have to hear this in her and yourself. Singing in the shower will never be the same. Thank God ! ”
Scott Arthur, Black Mountain

“Excellent Sound worker. I read my copy of [Beth]’s book and bought 5 more as giveaways. Her work is amazing. Treat self – it will change your life.”
Roberta Binder, USA

“I truly feel inspired. I do believe that this work is vital. The class I took with you was such a catalyst. It came at exactly the right time and you were exactly the right person for me to get so inspired. So thanks again!!! for everything.”
Susi Lippuner, USA

“…[Beth] is the Real Thing. She asked permission to touch me during the session. I immediately trusted her and just let it happen…[Beth]used her own incredible voice, bells and hand crafted sound makers at different times in the session. Tightness and knots and other indescribable things in different areas of my body were released. There is a kindness, compassion and acceptance that [Beth] imparts that let me go deeper and deeper into a meditative state. When the session ended, we reviewed what happened. I know it helped me and right now I get a little teary-eyed just thinking about it because it was so wonderful.”
Brooke Maroldi, Writer and Documentary Film Maker

“You’ve given me the best “food for thought.” Just knowing that it’s all good, and that there’s a lot going on, and that it doesn’t have to be like the image of a giant praying mantis that’s ripping my head off and sucking out my insides… I can breathe. As ever and always, thank you for being there!”
Aine Hall, Cane Beds, AZ

“I have taught creative writing to students and adults for many years, and am a poet myself. Never have I been so immersed in the sheer resonance of creativity as in this experience with Dielle. … a must on your “lifelist.” We twelve women sounded like, and felt like, the Vestil Virgins in chorus!”
Katherine Soniat, Writer, Black Mountain, NC

“[Beth]’s Toning for Bliss workshop was nothing less than completely Transformative for me. I literally felt myself becoming the human vessel to chant Spirit’s voice. It was amazing, powerful, and completely life enhancing. I have great respect and deep appreciation for the healing work that [Beth] offers. I highly recommend and invite you to participate in her workshops. For me, it was sheer bliss!”
Rain Hummingbird, Animal Communicator, Asheville, NC

“Toning with [Beth] was an awesome experience for me. I found new depths in my voice and harmonic resonance with the beautiful souls around me.”
M. Mauldin, Asheville, NC

“[Beth] is clear and compassionate, but most of all fully present. Her calm and genuine teaching style makes it comfortable to open up.”
Damaris Pierce, artist and creativity coach, Asheville NC

“[Beth] is a deep insightful human being who can guide those who seek direction, spiritually and depth. [Beth]’s vocal ability is on another level and anyone who is in need of centering should absorb and digest her innate gifts.”
Kenneth Hope