Local Qi/Chi Gong & Meditation 2024

on the terrace of Chez Gabard

April (closed)

8 Brocades Form for Energy & Grace
One of the most well-known forms in Chi Gong, over 1000 years old. Improve the flow of your chi as well as balance, limb strength, respiration and circulation.


5 Elements for Inner & Outer Harmony
Clear blockages in the meridians while activating and harmonizing your internal organs. Fight fatigue and improve poor health.


Chi Gong for Graceful Aging
Slow the aging process drawing from 18 Form Shibashi Chi Gong. Gain strength, poise, and grace for general health and wellbeing.


Chi Gong for Emotional Balance
Combat anxiety, grumpy moods, and general fatigue. Lift your spirit and cultivate love, joy, peace and equanimity.

Each hour-long class is organized into a gentle warm-up, instruction, slow and gentle formal practice, meditation, and self-care check-in. Each month is supplemented with handouts and videos to inspire your daily practice.


Space is limited:

Registering in advance is advised as only prepayment will guarantee your space. There may be opportunities to register during the first class of each month, space permitting. If so, I’ll announce it the week before.

To register:

Please email me your intentions and I will send you an invoice.

Download & print the Student Intake Form (I’ll have some available on the day but it will save lots of time to have it prepared in advance). Return it on the day or by email, whichever is easier for you.


One or Two Months:
60€ each (paid in advance to secure your spot)

Three Months:
168€ (a discount of 12€) when paid in advance only.

Four Months:
200€ (a discount of 40€) to anyone completing all four months.

Sorry, no drop-ins or reduced rates for missed classes, but if space permits, make-ups in other months may be possible.

Payment via Wise, credit card, or SEPA bank transfer. Alternative payment by cheque payable to Beth Ciesco EI. Please let me know your preference when registering. One month is non-refundable.


Local or online private sessions in restorative, seated, or gentle yoga or chi gong are available by appointment.
request more info


Restorative Self Care – a 50 min. nurturing restorative practice open to all levels Tuesdsays  at 9AM EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice

You take great care of everyone else. Now it’s your turn. This restorative class focuses on calming the nervous system with proven self-care tools. Class may include a combination of gentle movement and/or long-held fully supported poses, vagal toning practices, breath awareness, mantra and sounding as well as gratitude and mindfulness meditations, mudras, and energy exercises for those wanting to support, nurture, and empower themselves.

Recommended props: one (or more) bolster(s), three (or more) blankets, eye pillow, strap (or towel/scarf), chair, blocks (or books)

Optional self-care items: essential oils, weighted blanket, stuffed animals, clear wall space, restful music


Easy Does It! Mindful Movement to Release Joint & Muscle Tension – a 30 minute treat for a more supple body   Wednesdays  at 12:30 EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice

This is truly an all-levels class that rotates weekly through 3 easy-to-learn sequences of movements inspired by the Pawanmuktasana Series: The first sequence focuses on anti-rheumatism and is designed to improve the free-flow of energy (or prana) throughout the joints. The second sequence promotes digestive health. The third sequence helps to free energetic blocks in the body and strengthens the core.

We move slowly and mindfully and incorporate breath-awareness to improve circulation, mobility, and overall harmony within. A gentle and humble practice for those who may be a little more creaky, a little less flexible, a bit more tired, and/or dealing with general physical issues, but also a great practice for athletic yogis who seek to maintain optimal joint health and prevent injury. This class is highly adaptable for those wishing to practice in a chair. In some cases, Restorative Selfcare on Tuesdays at 9 AM EST may be better suited.

Recommended Props: mat or chair
Optional: blocks, strap, blanket

Silent Meditation with BethSilent Meditation – a FREE 15 minute unguided silent meditation practice open to all levels Wendesdays  at 1:15 EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice

Beth has a very calm and soothing voice. This experience was relaxing and yet energizing at the same time. A very nice mid-day break. The perfect reset to become more present in the moment — in stillness, silence, and spaciousness.” — Ompractice student 💙

Share the blessing of silence in community in this unguided silent meditation meant to help you cultivate a regular sitting practice.

It is open to all levels of experience; you are free to follow your own style or tradition or simply sit in ‘non doing’ stilling the body, quieting the mind, and expanding the heart.

Each session will begin and end with the sound of a bell and be dedicated to the most supreme and sublime enlightenment of all sentient beings.

NOTE: Please arrive on time. Due to the nature of this silent practice, students will not be admitted late to this class.

Recommended props: meditation cushion, pillow, bolster or chair



All are welcome to this 30-minute universal healing energies (Reiki, Reiki Tummo, Aka Dua, Healing Touch, etc.) practitioners circle. Come and receive from the collective pool for whatever ails you and/or contribute to the morphic field with whatever modality you practice.

Those attending to receive can share their intention in the chat or just sit back, relax and receive. Those attending to share are asked to send their energy directly to the collective pool (rather than individuals). This way, everyone is empowered to take just what they need. And of course, attendees can both give and receive.

To close, we’ll dedicate the energy to the raising of global consciousness.

SUNDAYS at 2 PM CET/8 AM EST on Insight Timer



A guided mirror meditation practice for students of the Beginner’s Mirror Meditation Course on Insight Timer and for those interested in trying mirror meditation. You’ll need…drumroll…a mirror, preferably large enough for your whole body. Mirror Meditation offers powerful doorways that can help us move beyond habitual perception and the amalgam of beliefs, fears, and judgments that form our limited and mistaken sense of self.

When we meditate with the mirror and step beyond the surface and through this doorway, we both meet knowable self and face the Unknown of ourselves, beyond the identity to which we have clung for safety, moving out of mental and emotional stagnation into a world of possibility.

SATURDAYS at 4 PM CET/10 AM EST on Insight Timer





FREE Energy Healing Live Wednesdays at 3 PM CET/9 AM EST

Starting in April of 2024, the Divine Me Time Wednesday Weekly Healing Session will move from Zoom to Youtube Live. It will no longer be necessary to sign up each week. Anyone can tune in ANYTIME up to 24 hours after taping, after which point it will be removed.

Here are the suggested steps to take:

1) Follow DivineMeTime on Youtube and hit the notification bell.

2) When the Weekly Healing Session is announced, click the “notify me” on the video.

3) Tune in live or within 24 hours. To tune in after broadcasting, you can go to my channel and click the “live” tab for the latest video.

4) If live, you’ll be able to comment with your healing intentions.

5) If live, other healers will be able to contribute to the morphic field, both giving and receiving as well as empowering the transmission.