Easy Does It Pawanmuktasana Series

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Restorative Self Care – a 50 min. nurturing restorative practice open to all levels Tuesdsays  at 9AM EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice

You take great care of everyone else. Now it’s your turn. This restorative class focuses on calming the nervous system with proven self-care tools. Class may include a combination of gentle movement and/or long-held fully supported poses, vagal toning practices, breath awareness, mantra and sounding as well as gratitude and mindfulness meditations, mudras, and energy exercises for those wanting to support, nurture, and empower themselves.

Recommended props: one (or more) bolster(s), three (or more) blankets, eye pillow, strap (or towel/scarf), chair, blocks (or books)

Optional self-care items: essential oils, weighted blanket, stuffed animals, clear wall space, restful music


Easy Does It! Mindful Movement to Release Joint & Muscle Tension – a 30 minute treat for a more supple body   Wednesdays  at 12:30 EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice

This is truly an all-levels class centering around 3 easy-to-learn sequences of movements known as the Pawanmuktasana Series designed to improve the free-flow of energy (or prana) throughout the joints and body. We move slowly and mindfully and incorporate breath-awareness to improve circulation, mobility, and overall harmony within.

A gentle and humble practice for those who may be a little more creaky, a little less flexible, a bit more tired, and/or dealing with general physical issues, but also a great practice for athletic yogis who seek to maintain optimal joint health and prevent injury.

Highly chair-adaptable with a stable, flat-seated chair. Counter-indicated for those with acute injuries, and in some cases, for those with heart issues, sciatica, and disk problems. In those cases, Restorative Selfcare on Tuesdays at 9 AM EST may be better suited.
Props Needed
Recommended: mat or chair
Optional: blocks, strap, blanket

Silent Meditation with BethSilent Meditation – a FREE 15 minute unguided silent meditation practice open to all levels Wendesdays  at 1:15 EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice

Beth has a very calm and soothing voice. This experience was relaxing and yet energizing at the same time. A very nice mid-day break. The perfect reset to become more present in the moment — in stillness, silence, and spaciousness.” — Ompractice student 💙

Share the blessing of silence in community in this unguided silent meditation meant to help you cultivate a regular sitting practice.

It is open to all levels of experience; you are free to follow your own style or tradition or simply sit in ‘non doing’ stilling the body, quieting the mind, and expanding the heart.

Each session will begin and end with the sound of a bell and be dedicated to the most supreme and sublime enlightenment of all sentient beings.

NOTE: Please arrive on time. Due to the nature of this silent practice, students will not be admitted late to this class.

Recommended props: meditation cushion, pillow, bolster or chair