Unlike the psychic reader who channels information external to you, Beth’s aim is to help you tap into your inner knowing by guiding you to work with tools that include mirror work, tarot interpretation, and practices for spiritual connection. The result is a more authentic, more pertinent reading that meets you where you are now. Most importantly, her guidance helps you develop your own inner wisdom while her energetic healing supports you on your path.

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”
~ Alexandra K. Trenfor

Next Level PsychicOur answers are within.

I still see a lot of people looking to others to find the answers to their deepest inner conflicts and that empty feeling that gnaws at us to seek answers. Personally, I’ve avoided “psychic” anything including “channeling” because I’ve always understood that it’s all arising from within me and from the same source. But not many out there are trying to show us how to arrive at this inner knowing. Rather, they are projecting outward and constantly reinforcing this disempowering habit in themselves and those they serve getting wrapped up and totally entranced in appearances. I take a different approach.

Nondual teacher Robert Adams distinguished between a psychic and a sage by saying that if you put a bunch of psychics in a room and asked a question, you’d get a bunch of different answers. If you put a bunch of sages in a room and asked a question, you’d get one answer. While I don’t claim to be a enlightened sage, I’m more interested in accessing “essential truths” rather than relative ones.

My ultimate objective is to lose you as a client! Say what???

Instead of me being the source of the message you need to hear or selling you versions of a future that never materializes, I lead you back to this moment and your essential inner power so you can tap into your own inherent wisdom. Whatever it is you are dealing with, whatever questions you may hold, I help you discover the answers within yourself. I don’t want to be necessary to you for long. I want you to become more and more centered in your own knowing each time we meet.

In addition to helping you tap into your own answers, I transmit Universal Healing Energy throughout our sessions in order to elevate us both into a space of receptivity and clarity.

I’m Here to Empower YOU!

We are living in progressively more and more outwardly challenging times. We have to develop the habit of looking inwardly instead of outwardly, for the outward path has only ever brought us self-doubt and confusion and will continue to do so. I’m here to empower YOU. So, if that sounds good to you, let’s explore your deepest questions together. Contact me today!

15 minute sessions 22.50 EUR (1.50 per minute)
30 minute sessions 42 EUR (1.40 per minute)
45 minute sessions 58.50 EUR (1.30 per minute)