Welcome to the 2024 Selfcare Energy Report in the new year.

Happy New Year! I’ve been feeeeling so much and I wanted to share it with you so you can prepare yourself for the times ahead…which are sure to be a crazy ride. Whether that ride feels more like you’ve learned to fly above it all or more like a surfing wipe-out depends on several things:

1) whether you’ve done a certain amount of shadow work, healing around your traumas and questioning your deepest held beliefs
2) the karma you carry including all that to which you attach, that which you resist, and that which you ignore
3) the extent to which you have acknowledged your inherent nature

Those of you who follow solar activity with some interest are aware of what is happening out there in our universe. Everything is shifting. The energies are intense and offering us so much love and light. We just need to be able to take it all in, and sometimes that’s easier said then done. And sometimes, when we take it in, it works on us in a somewhat challenging and difficult way. So courage and wherewithal is definitely required. But with or without these things, the energies are going to work on you. Facing it head on will bring you much merit in being able to cope. My heart really goes out to those who just don’t – or simply don’t want to – understand this. Their 2024 will be rough. But since you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’re one of the blessed ones. You get it. Things are changing. and we are going to have to change with them.

Here are some things that will help you keep your balance while the earth shifts beneath you:

Connect with the Sun

Make like a cat and find a spot in the sun. It only takes a few minutes to turn your face up and breathe in the rays. Do this with intent. Pull the energy into your third eye, heart and solar plexus and welcome the light. Ask it to clear you out. Offer it your heart. There are systems of sun-breathing (not the Demon Slayer variety!), surya kriyas and solar mantras, but you can keep this practice super simple and straightforward.

Play with Energy

If you can’t already feel energy, start practicing. Chi Gong is a great way to get started and you can take my 30-day Chi-allenge for free starting in February. Another great practice is Ego Eradicator which comes from kundalini yoga. It will help keep your auric field clear.  Incidentally, breath is pivotal in both Chi Gong and Kundalini and other forms of yoga. This is not coincidence!

Notice the way things feel. Pay attention. Develop a sensitivity for the energy within you and without. If something feeeels off, shift. If something feeeels right, take note. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Our ability to sense and play with energy has both healing and protective implications.

Drink More Pure Water

Try to up-level your drinking water to whatever extent you can. Charge it with your intention or use the Flower of Life such as this one to charge it. I filter my drinking water twice. Once through a Brita filter and once through an alkaline filter since they each remove different material. And drink more of it holding each sip in your mouth before swallowing. It’s better to sip all day long than gulp when you remember.

Canta Medicina

I’ve been listening non-stop to all my favorite heart-centered, powerful medicine songs since the year started. It is making me long for my times in Mexico and Peru. Alas, I am in France, but these songs bring me home. Unless you speak Spanish, Portuguese or rare native languages, translate some of the songs (or look for translations in the video descriptions) and you’ll begin to understand their power. They are like a mantra, filling your environment and mind with their positive influence.

2024 is all about opening the heart and loving without object. It’s about offering the heart up to a greater intelligence and source. It’s the 2nd Coming. This is just one example of the passion this music stirs. I offer you this playlist and hope it resonates and soothes as deeply for you as it does for me.

Healing with Others 

We are entering an energy of collective healing. Fading are the days of the solo healer or lightworker. It is time to put egos aside and come together to magnify morphic fields with our collective love. It is time to heal together. So any way you can participate in energy healing circles or learn a new healing modality with others, the better. I offer two energy worker opportunities:

Energy Healing Cooperative on Insight Timer Live on Sundays at 2 PM CET/8 AM EST. Insight Time is free, so there’s no reason not to join in and benefit!

Weekly Healing Session with Divine Me Time on Wednesdays at 1 PM CET/7 AM EST. You do need to sign up 24 hours in advance and can do so here. It’s free for members of DMT, free for healers with a code, and €4.99 a la carte.

Wrap Yourself in Color

Color has always been important for vitality and healing. This year, I see three critical hues: pure gold, translucent pink, and electric blue. If you see these colors appearing more, take note. Wear them on your body if you can or wrap yourself in a blanket of the color. You can also visualize them and breathe them into your chakras or whole body. Aside from those three colors, any color with which you resonate can be helpful in providing you with the energy you may lack. For more information on color theory, check this out.

Practice Ecstasy 

Like the ecstatics before us…think Rumi, Anandanmayima, St. Theresa, or Rainer Maria Rilke…the more we can open ourselves to states of bliss, the better. The better for us and for our Earth. Enter meditation, put a sweet smile on that beautiful face, tilt the head softly to the right with the chin ever so slightly tilted upward, lean into the heart, and breathe. I often picture Anandamayima. Adopting her sweet, blissed out face and posture helps me access my own sweet planes of existence. This may seem like a huge stretch for many. My advice is to fake it ’til you make it. If you keep it up, the falseness you might feel in the beginning will give way to something real and inexplicable.

To know more about the ecstatics and understand the energy they transmitted through their lives, you can visit this site from Richard Rudd.

A Sattvic  2024 

In yogic terms, 2024 is about becoming more sattvic. I might have to write a separate post about the meaning of that, but for those of you who already understand, I doubt it comes as a surprise. Isn’t that always the goal? In other words, we want to be more mindful of how everything we eat, think, and do impacts us energetically. It’s ALL energy!!! Enjoy riding the waves and know when the surf gets rough, your headed towards a breakthrough.

All my love,